Smells Like Green Spirit

Presenting my new favourite ‘Why didn’t they think of this before?’ product.

One of the world’s most distinctive smells is the one that hits you
when you walk into a flower shop. I love that heady blend of moist
greenery and ripe blossoms, with its subtle undertones of refrigerant.
But why should I have to go flower shopping to enjoy it?

Enter ‘Smells Like A Flower Shop’ Body and Room Spray. It’s like
someone’s distilled all those pails of woody-stemmed peonies and
hydrangeas, airy-leaved baby’s breath and maidenhair fern,
silky-petalled roses, mums, and orchids. You won’t smell like a flower
shop all day, because that first convincing whiff fades into a
delicate, barely-there floral blend. And because the ingredients are
all-natural, you can spray them on your skin or in the air.


The best part? All the proceeds go to the Toronto Wildlife Center, which rescues and rehabilitates wildlife in distress.  Buy it online or in store at Teatro Verde or Mythical Matters.
If you’re not into the spray, check out the lotion and bath salts…And
prepare yourself for that first ‘OMG Why Didn’t They Think of This
Before’ sniff!

Other garden-inspired musings today:

– Housemartin makes magic with June’s loveliest offering, the peony.

– sfgirlbybay persuades us to ‘bring the outdoors in‘.

– All centerpieces all the time at Toast and Tables!

– Droolworthy outdoor spaces from Garden Rooms.

– Amazing cherry blossoms blooming, right in my very own backyard!


One Response to “Smells Like Green Spirit”

  1. send gifts philippines Says:

    I think i will count this as one of my gift collection,Thank you for this stuff very innovative. Keep up the good work.

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