Simply Divine

A recent visit to my friendly local Raw Food Purveyor has turned me on to an outstanding line of skincare products. Simply Divine Botanicals was founded by Barbara Rogers, a master herbalist and healer in Las Vegas. I’m completely enamoured; they’re so pure you could eat them, and the ingredients read more like a grocery list than a chemistry project. Not only are they skin- and earth- happy, they smell amazing and have endearingly cheesy names—so they’re fun to use too!

The only formula I’ve tried so far is ‘You Can’t Zit Here‘ (told you the product names were groan-worthy!).  It’s muddy and murky–a little scary at first!–but foams gently and leaves your skin feeling deep down clean. The instructions say to massage into the skin for 30 to 60 seconds, which adds a nice experiential dimension to the product. I haven’t been using it steadily enough to testify to its power against my summertime breakouts, but it does contain a host of exotic oils (clove, neem, tamanu and leleshwa? huh?) to counteract blemishes.
I’m such a fan of the cleanser that I’ve decided to take advantage of a very cool feature of the company’s website: ordering samples! In addition to the full sized containers, they offer small quantities for a fraction of the cost. Because don’t you hate it when you blow big money on something that irritates your skin? So far I’ve narrowed it down to…

Gypsy Rose Tea Toner‘: "Inspired by a 1500 year-old formula made by Gypsies for the Queen of Hungary. This blend is infused for six weeks." How seductive is that? Like fine wine for your face!

Honey I Shrunk the Pores‘: I’ve indulged my love of masks ad nauseam, but this to be the perfect addition to my arsenal. This time of year my pores are so big you could drive a Mack Truck through them, and this product promises to "tighten skin" and "eat away dead skin cells" with its blend of wild-crafted honey and fruit enzymes. Maybe I’ll put it on my toast while I’m at it!


Keeping Abreast of It’: so crazy it just might work! It’s a natural underarm deodorant that also claims to promote lymphatic drainage. Sounds bizarre, I know. But if you’ve ever had a lymphatic massage, you’ll jump on board anything that offers the same ‘boy do I feel awesome’ benefits. And I’m always on the lookout for products that keeps me stink-free without using nasty ingredients like aluminum. 

Simply Divine Botanicals are available not only from the company website but also from One Lucky Duck and High Vibe. For now I’m counting the days ’til my samples come; I’ll keep you posted on the results. And in the meantime I’m drinking more tea, eating more fruits and veggies, protecting when I go into the sun. Isn’t it funny how reading about healthy, good-for-you things inspires you to take better care of yourself in the big picture?

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