Williams Sonoma Homerun

Have you ever walked into a furniture shop and just wanted to move
in permanently? I visited Williams Sonoma Home this weekend, and the
combination of the products themselves plus the ingenious merchandising
has me fantasizing about taking up residence in the store. I’d invite
friends for suppers of fresh summer salads around the teak umbrella
tables, sleep in a different bed every night, and slip out before the
sales associates arrived the next morning; sort of a ‘Today’s Special‘ fantasy minus the creepy puppets and ’80’s perms.

I surreptitiously documented my favourites via camera phone. The low
production value on the photos doesn’t do these pieces justice, but it does capture the undercover charm of in-store living.

The French Chair upholstered in ‘Natural Linen’ would tuck perfectly
in the corner of an airy, light-filled bedroom. Can’t you just imagine
coming home at the end of a long day and tossing your delicate silk
underthings over the arm of this chair? Of course, that would require
you to have some delicate silk underthings…which I don’t


I don’t even know where you would put an urn like the ones below;
somehow a single urn suggests "cremated remains" to me. But massed in a
group like this, the impact is striking.


The clean, transparent base contrasts with the beachy raffia shade and makes this Crystal Block Lamp a versatile addition to any decor, modern and traditional alike.


The Nautical Rope Pillow would look equally at home on a lounge chair by the pool or on a neatly made bed with crisp white and blue sheets.


this candelabra is no longer available online—I think because
it’s on sale in the stores—but can’t you see a pair of them on the walls of a
tongue-in-cheek library? Throw in a big antique desk, leather wing chairs in a
wild color like eggplant, stacks of musty tomes purchased solely for
their hilarious titles, and a few of these skull pillows for good measure…lord of the manor living at its finest!


Alas, not only do I not live at Williams Sonoma Home, but I didn’t
even snag any spoils to dress up my own house. However I did grab
a catalogue, and it’s perfect for scheming on the go!


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