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Photographer Lust: Sam McAdam

March 4, 2009

sam mcadams city sage photos .jpg

I’m feeling stuck lately. You know what I mean: listless and bored, faced with an endless to-do list yet completely devoid of the energy and motivation required to tackle it. Maybe it’s the crummy weather, or maybe it’s just the March blahs. But whatever the reason, these images from photographer Sam McAdam have me convinced that a ‘working vacation’ will cure what ails me.

sam mcadams city sage photos 2.jpg

I’d start out with some serious decompression time spent snuggled up in bed with a good book or two–or five. Okay, who am I kidding? I’d guiltlessly read ‘People’ and ‘Us Weekly’!

sam mcadams city sage photos 5.jpg

I’d take the time to savour the little details that get lost in the shuffle of everyday life: the soft rub of a cozy blanket, the satisfaction of a tidy room, the crust on a freshly baked loaf of bread, the cool relief of a glass of ice water.

sam mcadams city sage photos 3.jpg

I’d try my hand at some creative pursuits that have intrigued me for awhile; painting or photography perhaps. And I would try really hard not to judge the outcome.

sam mcadams city sage photos 4.jpg

Suitably decompressed, I’d get down to the ‘working’ part of this vacation and start the novel I’ve been toying with in my head. A serene office sounds just the thing for getting the juices flowing, with a comfy couch at the ready for ‘inspiration naps’!

sam mcadams city sage photos 7.jpg

It wouldn’t be much of a vacation without my sweetie there, so he’d get his own workspace. After a morning spent busily typing away, we’d meet in the garden for a leisurely lunch together.

sam mcadams city sage photos 6.jpg

After awhile we would long for the company of good friends, so when the weekends rolled around I’d air out the guest bedrooms and welcome troupes of visitors. I just love the idea of putting a little chocolate on everyone’s pillows!

sam mcadams city sage photos 8.jpg

Saturday garden parties would begin with a pancake brunch, progress to rousing games of capture the flag, and extend well past nightfall. Of course we’d pause at dusk to watch the fireflies.

sam mcadams city sage photos 9.jpg

Sunday mornings would find us drinking fizzy mimosas and elderflower water and eating eggs off my finest china. After all, what good is a vacation if you don’t indulge a little?

All images courtesy of Sam McAdam.