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For the Boudoir: Kari Herer Photography

March 31, 2009


Now that I have my own personal dressing room in which to lounge about and eat bonbons (the huz keeps calling it ‘our closet’ but he’ll learn the error of his ways soon enough) I’m on the lookout for feminine (not girly) design inspiration. The Peonies series from photographer Kari Herer fits the bill perfectly; if ever there were photographs that I could design a room around, these are the ones!


I can’t get over how exquisite these photos are. The textural tone-on-tone details of the petals, the deep blue of the background: they are at once earthy and otherworldly, and they would be a perfect jumping off point for creating a sumptuous retreat. Can’t you just see the color palette of white and midnight blue with touches of soft pink and foliage green? I feel an inspiration board coming on—but it’ll have to wait until I finish packing all my possessions into boxes!


P.S. Does anyone in the SF Bay Area want an antique pecan wood dining set? It’s yours free if you can figure out how to transport it! Email me:

P.P.S. I apologize preemptively if I neglect to return your comments this week. I promise I’ll be my usual chatty self as soon as we’re settled in the new place!

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