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Warm Fuzzies and Why I Blog

March 14, 2009


Some mornings I wake up and the thought of spending another minute at the computer makes me want to head right back to bed. But then I get a comment like the one I received on yesterday’s post:

“I’m so glad I found this blog, a friend sent this to me b/c I’m getting married next year and thanks to you I might have a DJ (fingers crossed), and I just booked Max Wanger to take the photos. Then I spent an hour on YOUR blog and loved it! Very inspirational. My boss hates me today. Thanks so much.”

Knowing that my little corner of the internet is helping to connect cool folks to all the awesome art and design talent out there makes even the dreariest of blog days worth it. Just don’t get fired ’cause of me, okay?

P.S. I tried emailing you Nina but it bounced back. But I always love to hear from everyone via email:!

Image Credit: Twig Hutchinson