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Kitchen Lust

April 7, 2009


So I cooked in the new apartment for the first time yesterday. One Moroccan stew and a batch of scones later, I can definitively say that we have the least functional kitchen in the history of the world. Don’t get me wrong–I love our place–but I’m at that stage of the move where my patience is short and my list of chores is very, very long. So indulge me as I torture myself with these yummy kitchen images…


I’m quite intrigued by the idea of a chandelier in the kitchen, as in the above two photos. It’s a cheeky, winky touch–but of course anything is nicer than the bare bulb currently hanging over my stove. And that checkerboard floor? Our kitchen in Brooklyn had one just like this. Ask me how much I miss that!


I will never, ever tire of a simple kitchen in clean, neutral shades. White cupboards, bright marble countertops, touches of graphic black. Could anything be more perfect? Of course if you plopped me down in the lovely grey and taupe room below, I wouldn’t complain. This image is from Martha’s kitchen–surprise, surprise!


Lately I’m also loving the combination of whites and blacks with warm woods. This kitchen hits the nail on the head; it’s sleek and streamlined, but it still feels really warm and livable. That island is so swoonworthy too!


However there are things to be thankful for in my new (albeit challenging) kitchen. For starters, I love the gas range. Mixing the scones with almost no counter space was difficult, but once those babies were in the oven they baked up beautifully.


The sink clogs if I so much as sneeze, but it is the original porcelain basin from when the building was constructed in 1927. With a plunger and some Bon Ami, it should be good as new!


The eat-in area of the kitchen is quite spacious, and one wall is comprised entirely of windows that look onto a rooftop garden. It’s a lovely spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning!


And in the end, aren’t storage and workspace issues just an opportunity for creative problem solving? An antique hutch would look charming filled with my wedding china and would free up cupboard space for pots and pans.


The merits of open shelving are much debated in blogland. Are you for or against? I’ll probably end up in installing some out of sheer necessity. Think of it as motivation to keep my dishes super tidy!


Plus then I can scout out some fun canisters to keep pantry staples like flour and sugar on hand. Don’t worry—I’ll be mistress of the new kitchen in no time flat!

tse 2.png

Let’s talk kitchens a little more: Does yours have any quirks or petty annoyances? What would your dream kitchen be like?

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