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Inspiration Board: French Blue and Raspberry for Miss Duckling

February 11, 2009

city sage inspiration board for my wedding report_wedding bee_2.jpg

Even though my wedding was last summer, I’m still suffering from serious Post Wedding Planning Syndrome. Amongst the symptoms of PWPS? An irrepressible desire to seek out hapless brides-to-be and shower them with unsolicited advice on such burning issues as embossed vs. letterpress, taffeta vs. shantung, fondant vs. buttercream. So imagine my great joy when Miss Duckling of Wedding Bee and My Wedding Report fame approached me for advice with barely any need for my usual persuasive (stalker) techniques! I had the honor of putting together an inspiration board for her, which she posted yesterday on Wedding Bee and which I’m pleased to share with you here today. Here’s what I had to say about the board’s creation:

Miss Duckling came to me with a color palette of white, grey, navy, french blue and raspberry, and she wanted a stronger idea of how the palette should guide her as the wedding comes together. Miss Duckling has a very refined aesthetic sensibility but she’s also one of the friendliest brides you’ll meet in blogland–so I really wanted her inspiration board to reflect this balance of sophistication and approachability.

As I compiled the images, navy blue fell by the wayside and it became clear that French blue would provide the bridge between the two qualities I sought. French blue can be utterly luxe–as on a piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain–or humbly radiant, as in the petals of a cornflower. Cool white and soft grey set a serene foundation, and bright raspberry provides a playful pop. I also considered the outdoor setting of Miss Duckling’s ceremony and allowed snippets of green foliage to sneak in. The result is an inspiration board in which continental elegance meets garden romance. I can’t wait to see where Miss Duckling goes from here!”

For image credits and for Miss Duckling’s lovely commentary please check out her amazing personal blog My Wedding Report!