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Birch Bark Soap: The Etsy Monster Strikes Again!

January 13, 2009


One of my favourite moments of the day is my post-workout shower. The feeling of warm water hitting your aching muscles after a killer cardio circuit is the best thing going. And because I’ve done such a good job sticking to my fitness resolutions so far this year, I decided to break my ‘no impulse spending’ resolution and get some special soaps for the gym! I can’t wait to see if these all-natural ‘Cafe Mocha‘ and ‘Cherry Almond‘ soaps smell as good as they look…I’m especially intrigued by the exfoliating grains of real coffee in the mocha soap. I hear that caffeine works wonders on cellulite—and even if it does nothing for my wobbly bum, it sounds like the ultimate bath time pick-me-up!


Etsy seller Sherrie from Birch Bark Soap is a one woman soap-making machine. Added bonus: I got to keep my ‘do right by the planet’ resolution because her soaps are all free of preservatives, parabens, and other nasties. Plus she donates a percentage of her profits every month to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Finally, she’s based in Nova Scotia, and you know I’ve gotta give a shout out to a fellow Canadian girl!


I also picked up a cake of Bay Rum shaving soap for the huz—contains real rum!—and some seaweed soap to detoxify the skin (sadly needed, as I’ve not kept the ‘no ice cream’ resolution…). If anyone tries the Star Anise Bath Bar let me know how it goes; I’d have bought the whole shop but a girl can only take so many showers!