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Thanksgiving Tag

November 27, 2008

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I’ve been tagged to share my quirks or random personal tidbits several times in the last couple weeks, by Callie at Grayson: A Different Shade of Gray, Julia at I’m All Agog, Candi at Dolce Chici, VIcki at French Essence, Erin at Apartment 34, and most recently by Brooke at Velvet and Linen. Don’t worry—I haven’t been avoiding these tags! I’ve just been saving up for a special Thanksgiving themed tag post, when I can reveal a bit about myself by sharing a few things I’m thankful for. I’m sorry not to post my funny habits—trust me, you’re all better off not knowing about those for now 🙂 So I bring you 7 things I’m thankful for…


1. I’m thankful for the two years I spent living in Brooklyn, but even more thankful that my husband and I were able to gather the courage and conviction to move to California this past August. It can be difficult to admit when a situation isn’t working anymore, and even more difficult to change that situation. But I know without a doubt that we made the right decision for us—where else can I ride my bike and hike every day in November?


2. I’m thankful for Smokey. She’s not my kitty—she’s my neighbour’s—but she spends all her time at my house. I recently started working from home and I’d be so lonely if I didn’t have her hogging my lap and pawing my computer mouse all day.


3. I’m thankful that I got to be a bride. My husband and I were first married in a civil ceremony in 2007, and I didn’t think that I would get to wear the dress, carry the bouquet, have the party, take the photos. I tried to tell myself that I didn’t want those things, but I’m so glad to have been convinced otherwise! Our August wedding was such a joyous occasion, and I’m so grateful to the friends and family members that helped make it happen. As an aside for those who have asked, I haven’t posted our ‘official’ wedding photos because they may be published in a magazine…but you can imagine how it’s killing me not to share them right away!


4. I’m thankful for my best and oldest friend Jessica. She and I have been egging each other on since we were twelve years old, and even though thousands of miles separate us today she still knows me as though she was right here with me. Not to mention that she was the best maid of honor a girl could ask for!


5. I’m thankful for my mother, who raised me to be the creative, determined and…um…unique individual that I am today.


5. I’m thankful for my strong and able body. I’ve not always been as nice to it as I could have been, and sometimes I’m still not always kind (too much ice cream, not enough veggies!) but it gets me where I want to go and for that I feel blessed.


6. I’m thankful for my husband, my partner in crime and in life! He challenges me every day to be a better person, he’s the best snuggler, and he’s so darn cute. Not to mention how clever he is…check out his mad photoshop skills in my new banner!

7. Finally, I don’t have an image for this one, but I cannot express how thankful I am to all my fellow bloggers and readers for stopping in each day to say hello. When I first started to blog, one thing that I didn’t expect was how important the community aspect of blogging would become to me…and now, it’s what keeps me going. I am constantly amazed by the warm and openhearted people that I meet every day through this medium. Thank you for touching my life.

I feel very shy about tagging people by name, so if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged! I’d love to know what you’re thankful for on this day—whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving here in America or not. Have a beautiful day, everyone!

Top Image Credit: Sharyn Cairns