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Get Your Valentine On: Christina Williams Designs

January 28, 2009


As usual, my plans to make my Valentine’s Day greetings by hand are dying a quick death in the face of ‘real’ work. But fortunately my girl Chris at Christina Williams Design has got my back! She just added a slew of adorable new stationery to her Etsy shop. I’m over the moon for the sweet simplicity of her Love Card and her Ava Card. I adore tone-on-tone papers with really tactile detailing, and these fit the bill perfectly!


Of course we all know what Valentine’s Day is really about: a big, honkin’ diamond! Give your sweetie a not-so-subtle hint with this goccoed card, aptly named ‘The Rock‘.


For those of us who want to skip all that love nonsense and head straight for the chocolate, these embossed Kiss Tags are definitely crave-worthy. Plus I really appreciate the snazzy silver, black and white color scheme—so stylish for Valentine’s Day and beyond!


Chris has tons more gorgeous, handcrafted pieces that I encourage you to explore—this monogrammed stationery literally has my name on it—and she curates a pretty awesome blog too, so stop in and tell her I said hi!