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Estelle Me More

May 21, 2008

At work we’ve been grooving non-stop to Estelle. She was born in West London and sounds like Lily Allen meets Lauren Hill meets the best of the Black Eyed Peas. The new album is called ‘Shine’.


My top three tracks in no particular order:

‘Wait a Minute’: It’ll make you want to slip into something trashy and hit the clubs.
‘American Boy’: Upbeat and optimistic, it’s bubblegum at its delicious best.
‘Come On’: Sultry, steamy, and just right for turning out the lights on a hot summer night.

Not only can Estelle sing and rap a funky beat, she’s a real fox:


There must be something in the British drinking water —between Amy, Lilly, Duffy, Kate, Adele and now Estelle, my iTunes bill is through the roof!