Green and Gorgeous Giveaway: Pillows from Fabricadabra

 Pillows fabricadabra

This week's giveaway is proof that style and sustainability can go hand in hand. The brainchild of a veteran of the textiles industry, Fabricadabra offers decorative pillows that are made from natural fibers using natural or low impact dyes. From stunning handwoven Ikats to soft and chic organic cottons and beyond, these are pillows you can feel good about snuggling up to! Fabricadabra also sells pillow inserts made from a fiber called kapok, which is a healthier and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic stuffing.

Pillows fabricadabra 2

One lucky reader will win the pillow of her choice! Just head to the Fabricadabra website and scope out your favourite pillow, then leave a comment telling me what it is. I'll randomly draw a name and the winner will go down in cushion history!


62 Responses to “Green and Gorgeous Giveaway: Pillows from Fabricadabra”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I love the BTK010 Untreated cotton crackle batik pillow cover. It’s so lovely and wonderfully original!

  2. Kim Dorgan Says:

    I love this one:
    OC005 Raspberry Zig Zag organic cotton pillow cover
    It would look amazing on my couch in my new fab place!

  3. abigail Says:

    I love the IKT09 yellow silk/cotton Ikat pillow!

  4. Sarah's Fab Day Says:

    I love the OC005 Raspberry Zig Zag. I do adore Rubie Green!

  5. Micky Warde Says:

    IKT09 Silk/Cotton Ikat Pillow cover LOOOOOOVE IT.

  6. carina Says:

    Another Raspberry Zig Zag fan here! I also think the “Toddler” series is adorable.

  7. Patty Says:

    My favorite hands down:
    CRWL005 Vintage wool on linen crewel floral pillow cover

  8. Jesse Says:

    I love the IKT09 Silk/Cotton Ikat Pillow cover – it’d be perfect on my soon-to-arrive grey couch!

  9. Aurora Says:

    I really adore KLM03, one of the wool Kilim pillows. It’s kind of not springy at all, but I’ve always had a thing for Kilim and love how this one is simple enough to keep it looking modern.

  10. Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle Says:

    I love the pink ikat (IKT14Silk/cotton Ikat pillow)–it’s just so cool–feminine and textured/intellectual all wrapped up in one. Love this giveaway!
    xo Mary Jo
    p.s. hope you are enjoying your new place!

  11. heather{dot}com Says:

    For some reason, I am drawn to all the ones with yellow in them. But I’ll be sensible since there’s not a trace of yellow anywhere in my house and say I’d go with the blue ikat – IKT044 Silk/Cotton Ikat Pillow cover.
    Kudos to them for creating a product like this – I look their “About Me” page!

  12. Jill Says:

    I just love these! It’s almost impossible to say which one I like the most… the pink zig zag ikat is pretty awesome!

  13. Cheryl W. Says:

    I like the OC 003 Latticework Yellow organice cotton pillow best. Thanks!

  14. Kimberly Says:

    I think my favorite is the Folk Art organic cotton pillow cover

  15. Melissa Says:

    I love the yellow roses organic cotton pillow cover, it’s hard to chose a favorite 🙂

  16. miss aimee Says:

    I am MADLY IN LOVE with the professor acorn pillow! pick me, pick me, pick me!@!!!

  17. erin Says:

    i love the IKT09. so sunny and bright! thanks for the great giveaway!

  18. Allison L. Says:

    Oh pick me! My current pillows are really sad hand-me-downs. I love the SZN003 silk embroidered on cotton suzani.

  19. sheree eileen Says:

    i’m coveting all the suzani covers…

  20. callie grayson Says:

    this was a tough one…
    i like the following:
    OC003 lattice work yello
    OC005 Raspberry ZigZag
    and OC013 Owlie toddler pillow.
    but if i have to pick on for my bed, it would be OC005 Raspberry zigzag

  21. Miss E Says:

    I couldn’t pick just one 🙂 I love:
    EMBW001 Wool chainstiched circles on unteated cotton pillow cover
    OC006 Folk Art organic cotton pillow cover

  22. Sara Says:

    OC002 Yellow Roses organic cotton pillow cover
    I love the unconventional color scheme for a floral

  23. Anonymously Chic Says:

    sweet giveaway (and they’re eco friendly, yay!) my favorite is the raspberry zig zag organic cotton pillow color. it would look fabulous in my living room…

  24. nole Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love the Rubie Green raspberry zig zag organic cotton pillows – they’ve been on my wish list for a while now!

  25. Kara O Says:

    I love the hedgehog toddler pillow. I might not be a toddler, but it’s absolutely adorable. Hehe. =]

  26. Brittany Says:

    The yellow latticework pillow is great!

  27. ikkinlala Says:

    May Canadians enter? I really like the WL012 Wool Starburst Tapestry pillow cover.

  28. Siiri Sampson Says:

    Definitely : Ikt12 Silk/cotton ikat pillow cover. I can see my bedroom redone now…..ah, daydreams!

  29. sara Says:

    the owlie toddler pillow is my fav. too adorable!

  30. chris Says:

    Tough to pick just one favorite. But I think I love the lime stylized rose organic pillow. It would look perfect on my couch! But I also adore all the toddler pillows. Too cute! Thanks for another fab giveaway…I don’t konw how you do it.

  31. cdziuba Says:

    I like the WL016 Felted wool black lattice pillow cover

  32. Rebecca Says:

    LOVE the yellow and white IKAT so my living room right now!(or the one in my head)Thanks for the great source!

  33. Michelle Says:

    The IKT09 Silk/Cotton Ikat Pillow cover needs to be mine!

  34. cheryl kellery Says:

    The green IKT19 matches my lazy boys perfectly

  35. chris swan Says:

    I love the CRWL005 Vintage wool on linen crewel floral pillow cover.

  36. anntje Says:

    i love the Owlie toddler pillow! I have a bird and the image on the pillow just just like him awwww. The toddler pillows are adorable, these would make a really cute gift!

  37. Luphia Says:

    these are so beautiful, green too? What a bonus!! my fav has to be the “IKT044 Silk/Cotton Ikat Pillow Cover”, its spots is glamorous yet the pale blue is quite elegant too! plus it’s my fav colour 🙂

  38. Amanda Says:

    This is a fabulous giveaway! I LOVE Rubie Green, the raspberry zigzag is my favourite.
    x Amanda

  39. Deborah R Says:

    I love the BTK08 Untreated cotton batik pillow cover.

  40. Casie Says:

    I love the IKT03 Silk/cotton ikat pillow. Green is my favorite color!

  41. layersofmeaning Says:

    love the Latticework Yellow organic cotton pillow!

  42. sandy Says:

    WL002 Felted wool appliqued pillow 20″ x20″ and crwl005

  43. katevp Says:

    i love love love the OC002 Yellow Roses organic cotton pillow cover it is so so so pretty!!

  44. Emily N. Says:

    OC015 Purple stylized rose organic cotton pillow cover

  45. suann Says:

    ooh, so great! i’ve been looking for new pillows + this site is great. love, love the zig zag and lattice work.

  46. Shellie Seering Says:

    I really love the OC007 Lime stylized rose organic cotton pillow cover.

  47. Debra Says:

    I really like the Yellow Roses organic cotton pillow cover. It’s cheery.

  48. Linda/ RMS "Mom of a German Shorthair" Says:

    * That “RASPBERRY ZIZAG COTTON” is TOOO delightful!!! Actually, I found a FEW I’d like to purchase~~~ they’ve got some gr888 IKATS! Thanks, Linda *

  49. Lecia Says:

    My favorite: IKT09 yellow silk/cotton Ikat pillow. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  50. namrata singh Says:

    my favourite is the SZN002 Embroidered silk on cotton suzani pillow cover

  51. Jess Dye Says:

    My favourite is the IKT09- pink and white zig zag. It would look great on my sofa!

  52. Amy@OldSweetSong Says:

    If I go down in history I want it to be cushion history! I’m feeling a yellow pillow, perhaps the silk/Cotton Ikat Pillow cover.

  53. Leigh Pennebaker Says:

    wow, seriously fab stuff in that shop! i had a hard time picking my fave, but i have to say the IKt12 really caught my eye.

  54. Vanessa Londono Says:

    I’m in love with the SZN003 Silk embroidered on cotton suzani pillow cover. I just moved in with some new housemates and this pillow would really bring together the living room.

  55. kelly Says:

    I want one! I love the orange silk ikat pillow (IKT040). It’s real real nice. 🙂

  56. bethany Says:

    i love the LOVE pillows! red, orange, and yellow for me, please!!!

  57. Kristin @ Contented Me Says:

    Fun! I love contests (even though I never win…)
    BUT anyway, it doesn’t hurt to try, so I really love SZN004 (one of the suzanis)… those patterns are so beautiful.
    Can’t wait to hear the results!

  58. Chloe Says:

    If you’ll recall, I’m the author that chatted with you briefly about inspiration boards. Sorry to communicate via comment, but I’ve lost your e-mail address.
    Anywho, I’m guest blogging later in the week on visual inspiration and have a proposal for you. Can you shoot me an e-mail?

  59. Christine Says:

    I LOVE the Ikat pillows, so pretty!

  60. CashmereLibrarian Says:

    Oh, I hope i win! it was so hard to choose but I LOVE BTK012 Untreated Cotton hand Stamped batik pillow cover. It reminds me of my friends’ gorgeous saris.
    thanks for a great giveaway, Anne!

  61. a pretty pill Says:

    hi anne! i’m back. what better way to be greeted back than with this lovely surprise;)
    IKT09 Silk/Cotton Ikat Pillow cover

  62. Irene C Says:

    I love this blog so much! These pillows are so happy. I love this pillow (KLM13 Turkish wool pillow cover), yes it is more plain than the others but I like the material and the soft blue and green are so relaxing and remind me of nature.

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