For the Boudoir: Kari Herer Photography


Now that I have my own personal dressing room in which to lounge about and eat bonbons (the huz keeps calling it ‘our closet’ but he’ll learn the error of his ways soon enough) I’m on the lookout for feminine (not girly) design inspiration. The Peonies series from photographer Kari Herer fits the bill perfectly; if ever there were photographs that I could design a room around, these are the ones!


I can’t get over how exquisite these photos are. The textural tone-on-tone details of the petals, the deep blue of the background: they are at once earthy and otherworldly, and they would be a perfect jumping off point for creating a sumptuous retreat. Can’t you just see the color palette of white and midnight blue with touches of soft pink and foliage green? I feel an inspiration board coming on—but it’ll have to wait until I finish packing all my possessions into boxes!


P.S. Does anyone in the SF Bay Area want an antique pecan wood dining set? It’s yours free if you can figure out how to transport it! Email me:

P.P.S. I apologize preemptively if I neglect to return your comments this week. I promise I’ll be my usual chatty self as soon as we’re settled in the new place!

P.P.P.S. Want a gorgeous Blissliving Home pillow for free? Try your luck here!



26 Responses to “For the Boudoir: Kari Herer Photography”

  1. Kimberly Julie Says:

    How feminine and wonderful! The perfect images to stare at whilst partaking in delicious bonbon consumption.

  2. nkp Says:

    These images are heart-stoppingly spectacular. There’s nothing quite like a peony at it’s peak bloom, well maybe a vase toppling over with ranunculus or some velvety pink and black anemones, then again, I love me some spritely tulips…anyhoo I think an inspiration board in these tones would be amaaaazing!

  3. Jane Flanagan Says:

    I’m preemptively envious of your dressing room lounging and bonbon indulging!

  4. miss aimee Says:

    my sister may? I am emailing her right now! she just got engaged and moved in with her guy.
    🙂 a

  5. Cupcakes and Cashmere Says:

    such beautiful photographs and i can’t wait to see the final product of your lovely dressing area.

  6. Anonymously Chic Says:

    the texture of these flowers are amazing. good luck packing!

  7. Mo Says:

    Ooooh these remind of Dutch still-life paintings. Gorgeous detail!

  8. Kristin @ Contented Me Says:

    Those are beautiful! So very lovely.

  9. Kristin @ Contented Me Says:

    Those are beautiful! So very lovely.

  10. kasey Says:

    oh, so beautiful.
    oh….and only if you lived closer…i would take that table in a heart beat.

  11. kasey Says:

    oh, so beautiful.
    oh….and only if you lived closer…i would take that table in a heart beat.

  12. jen laceda Says:

    Just found your blog and love it to bits!!!!

  13. Melissa Says:

    There are no words for how pretty these photographs are!

  14. Miss B. Says:

    Really just lovely like an oil painting, I have been impressed with her work for a while…sigh..

  15. Abbey Goes Design Scouting Says:

    these are so beautiful! hope the move is going well!

  16. Shell Sherree Says:

    Peonies ~ their visual beauty is rivalled by their fragrance, though unless these are scratch and smell photos, that will have to be imagined. Gorgeous, Anne! I don’t envy you the packing but it will be worth it.

  17. PS~Erin Says:

    I love your attachment to your space already! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  18. Grace@PoeticHome Says:

    These photos are so surrealistic! They remind me of French impressionism, and yes, they are perfect for your dressing room!

  19. Anna R Says:

    You can never go wrong with flowers.

  20. Anna R Says:

    You can never go wrong with flowers.

  21. christina Says:

    Those photos are exquisite. Beautiful and feminine without being girly. Perfection.
    As for your new place…I can’t wait! Good luck with the moving. I hope you handle it better than I do. 😉

  22. Catherine@simplynatural Says:

    Congratulations on the big move! Hope you do that inspiration board, as these photos are simply beautiful. Good luck with the moving.

  23. stephanie Says:

    I can just see these in your boudoir, Ms. Anne … maybe against velvety gray walls.
    Good luck with the move!

  24. jae Says:

    absolutely adore peonies.

  25. please sir Says:

    I can even smell them…amazing!

  26. Salt Lake photographer Says:

    Those look like wedding flowers to me!

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