Carpet Gone Wild with Fun on the Floor!


We’ve seen before how floor coverings can elevate a space from something mundane into something marvelous. And just in case you needed more proof, check out these images from Fun on the Floor. A great online decorating resource, they’ve teamed up with craft guru Danielle Proud (aka “the sexy blonde Nigella of homemaking!”) to transform a Georgian townhouse…using carpet!


A stairwell becomes even more dynamic with the addition of granny style Afghan squares on the steps and Paul Smith-esque wainscoting. And yes, that is a carpeted moosehead on the wall!


I love the idea of placing a patterned insert within a solid-colored surround and using that as your guideline for arranging furniture. It creates an instant conversation space—and if that pattern happens to involve monkeys leaping across a vivid red background, it’s an instant conversation piece too!


Moroccan interiors are famous for their use of layered woven rugs and textiles to create comfort and aesthetic appeal. Channel Kasbah chic with a carpeted backsplash and a fun DIY revamp on the standard folding chair!


Kids’ rooms lend themselves especially well to carpet treatments; a vibrant playscape gets a little safer with the addition of some colorful cushioning. Plus I have a feeling that the grown-ups have as much fun with this space as the little ones do!

Tour the whole house here and explore Fun on the Floor for more creative home ideas with carpet!


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5 Responses to “Carpet Gone Wild with Fun on the Floor!”

  1. Shell Sherree Says:

    Very creative ideas! As irrepressible and fun as these are, I think I could only stretch my boldness to a black and white colourway of the monkey rug 😉

  2. laura drescher Says:


  3. please sir Says:

    Wow…I’m actually loving carpet…such a change!

  4. blair Says:

    Oh, wow–what fun and colorful options. Those monkeys are too cute. I had never thought of inlaying a patterned carpet into a solid one.

  5. Anonymously Chic Says:

    carpeted moose head? sold!

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