Chairs of the World: The Egg Chair

hoetze julia bird.jpg

Welcome to another edition of Chairs of the World. Our subject today? The Egg Chair, a creature whose ubiquity in contemporary interiors rivals that of pigeons in Manhattan. Unlike the spry and nimble Wishbone Chair, the Egg Chair is clumsy and slow to action, and it therefore must rely on camouflage to evade capture. Come with me as we stalk its many permutations.


Here we see the common brown Egg Chair. Though it may appear dull-witted, this individual has cleverly formed a symbiotic relationship with similarly shaped and hued ottoman—thereby confusing potential predators.

The arctic Egg Chair develops a white coat as winter approaches. Though easy to spot in the early autumn…

hallie burton.png

…it is nearly invisible once the cold light of winter arrives. Isn’t nature wonderful?


When angered or threatened, the Egg Chair will flush a brilliant shade of fuchsia as a warning to all who dare come near.

bessler983egg chair.png

This juvenile specimen has strategically placed a small pillow on his lap in hopes of blending with his surroundings. Clearly he has much to learn about the art of camouflage.

hallie burton 2.png

Perhaps he should take a cue from his older and wiser relative, who has not only shed his solid coat in favour of a pattern, but has also hidden behind the protective cover of foliage.


Much as a lizard’s body temperature fluctuates according to his surroundings, Egg Chairs in tropical regions have been known to develop fiery hides that mirror the hot climate of their habitats.

rachel whiting via nkp.jpg

Though clearly past her reproductive prime, this grandmother Egg Chair has maintained her complex floral coat and practically disappears into the rug below her.


And finally, the most rare sighting of all: a pair of elusive metallic Egg Chairs. Once this couple mates, they will produce spectacularly shiny offspring!

Image Credits: 1. Hotze Eisma 2. Paul Costello 3. Shootfactory 4. Hallie Burton 5. Source Unknown 6. John Bessler 7. Hallie Burton 8. Source Unknown 9. Rachel Whiting 10. House Beautiful via Design Crisis



23 Responses to “Chairs of the World: The Egg Chair”

  1. Pretty Little World Says:

    I want the pink one and the one covered in the pretty floral fabrics — they would sit in the same living room and be sister chairs!
    By the way, you had me pouring through pages of Suzanis on eBay all morning!

  2. Anonymously Chic Says:

    you are too funny. what an interesting commentary upon the diversity of egg chairs.

  3. jo Says:

    the brown…i drooled a little

  4. josephine Says:

    v cute! love this series

  5. please sir Says:

    Oh egg chairs – these are great examples!

  6. Jane Flanagan Says:

    I adore the Egg, most especially in the tan leather in your top image. The more worn and distressed the leather the better. I dream of buying a vintage one!

  7. miss aimee Says:

    I want to fushia one in my bedroom! Oh to have an egg chair!

  8. Luphia Says:

    i want a white one, a pink one and that blue one is so lovely too!

  9. Caroline @ Patagonia Gifts Says:

    Such a fantastic post, Anne! Loved your writing. And loved those egg chairs!

  10. Mary Jo Says:

    I’ve been wanting an egg chair for some time. Gray, of course. Love this post!

  11. from the right bank Says:

    I’m completely obsessed with chairs so I love that you’re doing a whole series. What a great idea. The egg chair is absolutely one of my favorites and this is a fabulous collection!

  12. dwellings and decor Says:

    You are too cute! What a fun post!

  13. Erin Says:

    I love the egg chair in photoso but never in person!

  14. callie grayson Says:

    i so very much want NO need an egg chair!
    great post!!

  15. julie Says:

    what a great post on how versatile the egg chair can be! who knew you can practically place it in any setting and make it work!

  16. Shell Sherree Says:

    Utterly charming, Anne! The egg chair is one of my lust-have chairs. One day…

  17. Isabel Says:

    this a gorgeous post, I’m besotted!

  18. The Deco Detective Says:

    I love these posts, they’re so whimsical! Do you know whether the egg chairs lay eggs when they have children?
    Trudi =D

  19. wide open spaces Says:

    the egg chair has always been a bit ‘too’ modern for me but that top one had m eat hello. the worn leather takes some of the modern edge off for me. love it.

  20. Miss B. Says:

    Anne ANOTHER brill post. This was done so well, I heart your blog so very much!

  21. nkp Says:

    You’re brilliant, Anne, brilliant!
    Have the best weekend evah!
    p.s.- did I happen to mention you’re brilliant? ;0)

  22. Courtney Says:

    Anne, your commentary cracks me up! The Egg Chair is such a classic, and all of these spaces highlight it well.

  23. Colleen Says:

    Thank you for presenting diff pics of the same chair in such a creative format! I love showing people how fabric/color totally transforms a chair. I used to want the Egg until I sat in one and decided they are just for looks. But give me a Womb chair any day…

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