Strap Happy


Oh Loeffler Randall, thou art a cruel mistress. You speak to my inner bad girl, the one who stays out all night fighting crime in shady back alleys. You call her name with your four inch heels and your teasing reveal/conceal ways…


And yet you don’t forget about my crunchy granola side. You give me sensible sexy hippy flats, just right for cruising the farmers market on a Sunday morning. Your smooth cognac leather perfectly complements my trusty cut-off shorts and a slouchy hobo bag.

But why must you taunt me with your positively painful price tag? If only I had several hundred dollars lying around to spend on sandals…


17 Responses to “Strap Happy”

  1. WendyB Says:

    That heel really speaks to me!

  2. Pretty Little World Says:

    These are both so pretty! Though I agree about the price tag for sandals — Urban Outfitters actually has some really lovely sandals this year for much less!

  3. Luphia Says:

    both are gorgeous, the flats would be perfect for a summer holiday with lots of site seeing & walking!

  4. nkp Says:

    Oh, the practical yet boho chic flats, I’d wear them with everything all summer long!

  5. nkp Says:

    Oh, the practical yet boho chic flats, I’d wear them with everything all summer long!

  6. stephanie Says:

    When I saw those flats, I had a pain in my heart, knowing that they would probably never be mine.

  7. vicki archer Says:

    I am never ever practical – so would love the top pair. They are fab, xv.

  8. Paulette Ink. Says:

    I think Katie Holmes has a pair like the first ones…I’ll try to find a pic for you. I’m really digging the strappy/bootie look this spring!

  9. JILL Says:

    oh i’m feeling the granola in me. those are beautiful.

  10. ❤sb Says:

    oh i love the color!

  11. Shell Sherree Says:

    Those high heels would make a few pulses race, that’s for sure.

  12. Camila Says:

    Oh hello lover! Both of those pairs are amazing and since one is a heel and the other is flat one must get both!!!

  13. blair Says:

    Oh, those sandals are beautiful! Definitely perfect for a Sunday stroll to the Framers Market!

  14. Jess LC Says:

    Those flats are gorgeous! One great perk: my not-so-skinny ankles would look terrible in them, so I can look but not touch. 🙂

  15. Tiffany Says:

    I heart all Loeffler Randall shoes. they make the most beautiful shoes.

  16. fromtherightbank Says:

    I adore Loeffler Randall. Such great designs and so well made. I have a pair of boots and I wear them constantly!

  17. Designers' Brew Says:

    I am abjectly obsessed with their shoes. If you’re dedicated, you can find them on ebay every once in a while, for a lot less than retail… that’s the only reason I own a few pairs!

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