The Houseguest

Elle Decor (2009-04) 4.jpg

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here! I’ve been counting the days until your arrival. Please, just drop your things in the entryway and make yourself at home.

Elle Decor (2009-04) 2.jpg

I do hope you enjoy your visit. I have so many lovely things planned for us! I’ve already set the kitchen table for a snack…

Elle Decor (2009-04) 3.jpg

Or perhaps you’d prefer to take tea in the parlour? The view from the balcony is just exquisite; on a clear day you can see Notre Dame and Big Ben and the Empire State building. Impressive, no?

Elle Decor (2009-04) 5.jpg

I recently reupholstered the banquette in the salon with purple velvet, so we’ll have to spend some time in there admiring my handiwork. I’ve made sure every room is filled with fresh flowers too!

Elle Decor (2009-04) 8.jpg

I have some errands to run this afternoon, so please help yourself to a book in the library while I’m away. They’re alphabetized by author and cross indexed by subject…did you expect anything less?

Elle Decor (2009-04) 6.jpg

Once you’ve settled on something juicy to read (I highly recommend this one!) you’ll find that the chaise in the corner makes a perfect spot to curl up. Don’t blame me if you drift off into a nap!

Elle Decor (2009-04).jpg

I’ll show you to your room now. The sheets are freshly washed and pressed, of course. I bought the artwork above the bed on my recent round-the-world tour. We’ve had to buy a second home just to store all the treasures I found on that trip, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do!

Elle Decor (2009-04) 9.jpg

If you need me I’ll be in my boudoir. It’s the twenty-second door on the left. And if you lose count, you can recognize it by the soft scent of lilacs wafting from the room. Knock gently and if I’m asleep, please come back later. After all, even the best hostess needs her beauty rest!

All images courtesy of Elle Decor, April 2009.



46 Responses to “The Houseguest”

  1. Raina Says:

    Is room #17 available? I think I remember it being near that scrumptious library.

  2. Shell Sherree Says:

    Anne, when do you have a clear spot on your guest calendar? The parlour view sounds irresistible if I can tear my eyes away from the flowers and botanical prints. And do you mind if I tuck that oversized, gilt framed drawing into my carpet bag when I leave? I thought not, being the generous hostess that you are. Thank you!

  3. chantal Says:

    it’s all so lovely…”I’ll show you to your room now. The sheets are freshly washed and pressed, of course. I bought the artwork above the bed on my recent round-the-world tour.” ….and the pillow cases are stuffed with towels as they lovingly are for all guests who stay here with me… ;))))
    juuuuuuuuuust kiddin!!! haha i’m sure you’re hospitality makes up for the towels 😉 just thought it was funny that you posted this house guest post so soon after the pillow case fiasco 😉 again, kidding…a little 1:57am humor for ya, it’s what i do best. hope all is well x c

  4. chantal Says:

    oh and that pic with the bookcases is faaaaantastic. i should be so lucky to have all that luxurious space for books…. a little 1:59am day dream for ya…i also do that well!!

  5. Jenny Says:

    How lovely, I’ll come by for tea any day and enjoy all those fresh flowers 🙂 I’ll visit the library aswell, since a good book can really make your day.

  6. i.d. Says:

    Now this is definitely a home I’d like to visit…and never leave! x

  7. The Deco Detective Says:

    Thank you for inviting me – any of these rooms would be fine, really!
    Have a lovely Monday Anne=)

  8. Lisa Says:

    I would love to make a reservation!

  9. Lisa Says:

    I would love to make a reservation!

  10. stephanie Says:

    Now the only question is, what on earth do I bring as a hostess gift? Vintage Baccarat vase with ranunculus? A long-staple cotton Turkish bathrobe embroidered with your initials? A towering box of delicacies from Pierre Herme? Hmm …

  11. Kilee Says:

    when can I make a reservation? now? ok, I’ll be there in 5.

  12. nkp Says:

    That was such a great issue, wasn’t it!
    I love that breakfast nook, so cheerful. And I think I could gladly spend a good portion of my life in that gorgeous library. But if I do need to go rest my head, to crawl under that sublime suzani would surely send me into a perfect state of slumber.
    Just gorgeous, Anne!

  13. cara Says:

    This is a *fabulous* idea! I’ll blame it on waking just a few mins ago, but I completely believed you had a houseguest staying with you, and I was completely admiring you taking pics along the way — I fancied it up a bit for our houseguests this past weekend (setting our table, that’s about it) + wished I’d taken photos 😀 But I *love* this idea of a story behind all the fabulous rooms 😀 I might steal this idea — you know, positive affirmation + all 😀

  14. Peonies and Polaroids Says:

    Can I visit please? I’ll bring bunnies?

  15. vicki archer Says:

    You made me smile Anne – I still am actually – lovely rooms and lucky guests. xv

  16. haley Says:

    WOW. I absolutely LOVE this post. I’m going to feature it on my blog, if you don’t mind. Great one!

  17. {this is glamorous} Says:

    Oh my goodness! How have I not seen this issue yet? Just stunning, especially the first image, which makes me want to travel.

  18. Michelle Says:

    Oh, the library and that red Morrocan style bedding is gorgeous.

  19. Kotori Says:

    Looks like we’ll have a lovely time! Such gorgeous pictures…

  20. M Says:

    Lovely post!
    When can I come visit?

  21. Joanna Says:

    Don’t be surprised to find me languishing on the chaise with a copy of The Mysteries of Udolpho when you arrive home this evening.

  22. christina Says:

    How kind of you. I was in desperate need of a getaway. This should fit the bill quite nicely.

  23. Anonymously Chic Says:

    holy cow…it’s hard to imagine a home this beautiful and opulent. the fun patterns bring the decor a bit more down to earth. lovely.

  24. jenny Says:

    yes yes yes!! i just looked at that issue of elle decor..wasn’t the house of the artist (the one with the gorgeous suzani in your post) amazing?) i loved all of this house. all of it is beautiful. thanks.

  25. Heidi Says:

    I just ordered The Outlander! I figured anyone with as impeccable decorating taste as you would also have spot-on reading recommendations. Now I’ll have something to read when I come over!

  26. rea (my lovely notebook) Says:

    Didn`t know you`re place was that big! Oh i just love you witty story telling with pictures!
    Have a lovely week!

  27. Kristy Says:

    Thanks for the smile. I was starting to feel quite overwhelmed with work and decided to wander over here for something relaxing and pretty to look at.
    On another note – I really think I need to start climbing again. It’s been forever, and it’s probably a good idea to give myself a lot of time to figure out how to climb in a dress…

  28. Melissa Says:

    This is such a great post and such a beautiful place 🙂

  29. Luphia Says:

    say no more, i;m packing my bags now! 😉

  30. dolce chic Says:

    Thanks for the invite, Anne! I think I may overstay my welcome 🙂
    I just tagged you on my blog!

  31. joanna goddard Says:

    oooh i love love love the flower prints on the wall. gorgeous selection of images. thanks for the inspiration! xoxo joanna

  32. Tiffany Says:

    If I could have a place that looked like any one of these rooms, I’d be happy. That mirror on the 4th picture down is so beautiful.

  33. Kelley {Kosmopolight} Says:

    Just beautiful!

  34. Michelle@ My Wedding Report Says:

    This post makes me just feel like finding a cozy corner and resting or reading a good book from the library.

  35. Miss B. Says:

    Ah this post was so very clever and sweet, just lovely!

  36. Miss B. Says:

    Ah this post was so very clever and sweet, just lovely!

  37. wide open spaces Says:

    you’re adorable.

  38. wide open spaces Says:

    you’re adorable.

  39. Georgia Says:

    how i miss my sweet Anne!
    i’d be there in a flash if this was a real invitation! i just spent four days at my sister’s incredible (and very large) vintage apartment in the city. being a guest at a lovely place is so much fun. and i went from room to room adding my touch (or correcting all of her interior design hiccups). it was so much fun! oh the fun i could have interior designing her place if money was no object.

  40. Lynne Says:

    I’ve got a houseguest coming on Thursday. As much as I’d love to fill my house with scented lilacs, I think I’ll have done well to do the tidying and clear all the junk out of my spare room! Love your writing style, Anne.

  41. Pat H Says:

    What a wonderful approach to displaying these photos! And your wit made this “story” so enjoyable. Thank you for such a delight.

  42. mussy Says:

    Excuse me, I think I need to use the restroom.
    I’m sorry, we’re re-modelling the one downstairs, it’s a mess. Please use the one upstairs. It’s the scendth door on the left.
    Remember this movie? Oh how I miss watching it over and over with you!
    Your post reminded me of it.

  43. Kimberly Julie Says:

    These rooms are absolutely fabulous. Every last one of them…

  44. Amanda Says:

    Can I visit? I promise to bring a bottle of bubbles!

  45. Chessa! Says:

    you are such a wonderful storyteller.

  46. Linda/ RMS "Mom of a German Shorthair" Says:

    *** How delightful! Enjoyed the spaces you shared, the clean lines of your blog & your witty n’ lighthearted writing style~~~ totally F-U-N! Many thanks, Linda in AZ ***

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