Chairs of the World: Wegner Wishbone

Night falls over the jungle. Through the canopy of trees the full moon glows bright in the sky, casting just enough light for our hunting party. Tread softly, keep a keen eye, and join me as we stalk our prey: that most graceful of creatures, the Wishbone Chair.

modern craft blog.jpg

First released into the wild by Hans J. Wegner in 1949, the Wishbone Chair is recognized by its spry physiognomy and quiet temperament. With curved hind legs and an arched, sloping back, the Wishbone (or CH 24 as it is properly known) is a hardy and versatile animal and can be found in diverse habitats.


Although a modern setting is most common for the Wishbone, its clean shape and neutral hide lend it well to all manner of situations. For example, It mixes equally well with stark metal or traditional column tables.

domino wishbone chair.jpg

A certain tribal elegance inherent to the Wishbone is easily heightened with the appropriate small accessories; materials with an organic feel such as wood or stone make appropriate partners for this earthy beast.


The Wishbone is frequently a social creature. It happily exists as one of a pair or a large group (seen here beneath stacks of roughly woven blankets—a common camouflage ploy for this species).

wegner wishbone 2.png

However the Wishbone can also survive in solitude, and has been known to engage in self-exile from the pack. Naturalists have yet to come to a conclusion on the motivations behind this behaviour.

patric johansson.jpg

Though the blonde-coated variety accounts for the majority of the Wishbone population, black-coated specimens do exist and are highly valued for their stark, spare lines.

david prince wishbone.png

Very rare indeed is the Blue Legged Wishbone. It’s not for everyone, perhaps, but the most enthusiastic of Wishbone fanatics have been known to go to considerable lengths to acquire such a prized specimen.

johnny miller wishbone.png

The Wishbone makes a gentle and affectionate family pet. Get yours new or pre-loved. And don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway!

Image Credits: 1. Chris Everard 2. Modern Craft 3. Noah Webb 4. Domino 5. Hotze Eisma 6. Patric Johansson 7. Ochre 8. David Prince 9. Johnny Miller


14 Responses to “Chairs of the World: Wegner Wishbone”

  1. Martha B. Says:

    Your post makes me want to buy a ‘herd’ of these chairs! 🙂
    Martha B.

  2. Luphia Says:

    so beautiful! i’ve never seen painted ones before, loving the blue one!

  3. Michelle Says:

    I can’t believe you managed to track down all these images of this chair. the more i saw the chair, the more i liked it.

  4. Nicki Says:

    Love that first photo – and the blue one is lush!
    Anne, just to let you know the cushion arrived today – its stunning I love it!
    Wanted to say thanks again!

  5. robin pulsifer Says:

    i thought i had a favorite until i saw that blue one! i’m partial to painted furniture. and that blue…made me swoon. beautiful craftsmanship, whether you had only one in your space or more, they are perfect either way.

  6. Absolutely Not Martha Says:

    you must have been reading my mind about chairs, anne–thought about them a lot last weekend but only came up with this:

  7. Amanda Says:

    Speaking of chairs, what ever happened to the good ‘ol papasan? I had one back in my early college years and thought it was the coolest thing around. That is, until I had too many unsuspecting guests flip over in it… and a cat that decided it was a litter box.

  8. Anonymously Chic Says:

    oh what fantastic chairs. i’m especially smitten with the last blue one.

  9. christina Says:

    I have to say that the blue is my favorite. And a spectacular post as always, Anne.

  10. Pretty Little World Says:

    So pretty! I love the case full of butterflies in that first photo!
    BTW, I passed on a blog award to you:

  11. mary jo of Says:

    I am crazy about that blue one although I’ve always been on the fence about it due to the fact that it looked like it might be uncomfortable. But it is very very pretty!

  12. {this is glamorous} Says:

    What a beautiful collection of photos! Always loved this chair, and even moreso after seeing it in such lovely rooms.

  13. Kimberlee Says:

    I wish I had a wishbone chair. Possible my favourite of them all. x

  14. cassandra Says:

    this is one of my absolute most favorite styles. so simple classic and yet down to earth… what a fantastic collection of images you’ve found to illustrate them! i love the darker walnut tones…

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