Exclusive Sneak Peek: Mary Jo Matsumoto Fall ’09

city sage mary jo matsumoto.jpg

You know in the movies how they yell ‘Stop the presses!’ when something smashingly newsworthy happens? Intrepid girl reporter at your service, I am so having one of those moments! The fabulous Mary Jo at Trust Your Style has honored me with the privilege of giving you this exclusive look at her Fall 09 Mary Jo Matsumoto women’s couture line. A detail from a suit in the collection, the wool jacket and pants are lined with the upside down heart textile (!!!) she designed. The top is pink charmeuse, and the bowling bag is black calf and gray ultrasuede.

Um, drool?

Just in case your heart isn’t racing fast enough over this one, Tina over at Luphia Loves has another exclusive photo from Mary Jo’s line. And I have two words guaranteed to make you want to see it: Fur. Bolero.

‘Nuff said.


19 Responses to “Exclusive Sneak Peek: Mary Jo Matsumoto Fall ’09”

  1. haley Says:

    Love this! p.s. I just posted more long branch arrangements. (if that is how to describe them??)

  2. Michelle Says:

    I love the interior of her jacket.

  3. Tina Says:

    fall 09?! I’m just waiting for spring to come! 🙂 yeah, I know how the fashion scene works. Love the gray with the touch of pink. oohh…and that bag. love.

  4. christina Says:

    I’ve been waiting and waiting to see her line! This is every bit as fantastic as I knew it would be. Love the lining of the jacket! Actually, all of it is exquisite. Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

  5. Paulette Ink. Says:

    My heart IS fluttering… 🙂 My mom purchased a pair of Matsumoto earrings for my little sister on our trip to Hawaii this summer. They are GORGEOUS. But I had no idea Miss Matsumoto also designed clothing!

  6. blair Says:

    Oh, I love that lining and the tie on those belts. I am completely intrigued!

  7. please sir Says:

    Wow…looks amazing already…love the detail inside the jacket!

  8. Mary Jo Says:

    Anne, thank you so much for your generous and kind write up!! I am so flattered and can’t thank you enough.
    xo Mary Jo

  9. Grace@PoeticHome Says:

    What a lovely suit! The bowling bag is just THE perfect accent.

  10. robin pulsifer Says:

    beautiful, i’m not familiar with her so i’m off to see what the madness is all about! can’t wait…thanx for the fashion eye candy!

  11. betsy Says:

    Those are seriously perfect pants!

  12. stephanie Says:

    I love the lining – it would make me feel happy no matter how conservative the workplace.

  13. kasey Says:

    I love that suit!!

  14. Luphia Says:

    i didn’t know about this one! amazing, so in love with grey at the moment 🙂

  15. Luphia Says:

    i didn’t know about this one! amazing, so in love with grey at the moment 🙂

  16. dwellings and decor Says:

    She is so fabulous! I am adoring the inside of that jacket!

  17. velvet and linen Says:

    Mary Jo is such a talent.
    I don’t know how she does it!
    Love her work.
    Thank you for sharing, Anne.
    I’m off to visit Tina.

  18. Pretty Little World Says:

    I love.love that heart detail on the inside of the jacket!!

  19. ambika Says:

    I’m loving that bag!

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