It’s Bedtime!


I’ll tell you a secret: my bedroom is a total embarrassment, the last bastion of ugly in my house. I can’t convince myself to spend time and money on it when I’m only in there to sleep. But every girl deserves a room of her own, and this grey and yellow space sends my decorating impulse into overdrive. The luxe velvet, the sexy lamps, and that stunning bolster pillow? Swoon!


I adore the ladylike charm of this oversized floral wallpaper, especially in contrast with the flashy mirrored tulip table. And don’t you love how the curly fern embroidery adds an exotic touch to an otherwise traditional headboard?


A folding screen is a brilliant opportunity to inject a hit of pattern without the cost and permanence of papering all four walls. A vintage wallpaper retailer—like Secondhand Rose—makes a terrific resource for covering your own screen. Find super-easy instructions here!


Subtly striped textiles offer a quiet alternative to the bold prints in previous images. I really appreciate this restrained approach to dressing a four poster bed. Not only does it look more contemporary, it’s more economical too, as you would need significantly less fabric than you would for a full canopy.


I would never go this girly in my own bedroom (the huz might have a thing or two to say about the palette!) but isn’t this a sweet, cozy boudoir? The variety of materials—the fuzzy mohair throw, the organic glass lamp, and of course those drool-worthy pillows—elevates coral to a whole new level of sophistication.


Of course it’s not just about color and pattern; texture plays a key role in creating a relaxing retreat. The cool, neutral hues of this space form a soothing backdrop to a woven wicker headboard, a gauzy net drape, and a plush fur throw—a beautiful testament to the power of layering!


What a smashing mix of styles! A tailored headboard meets playful pillows and a shimmery pailette-trimmed counterpane. A sleek, low nightstand provides deep storage and reins in the sumptuous details of the bed. And how fab are those butterflies in the far left of the pic?


Of course for all my talk about color, pattern and texture, I still love this serene and simple setting the best. A fluffy duvet and a few well chosen cushions let the room’s architectural elements do most of the talking, and the whole space seems to whisper, ‘Won’t you come to bed?”

All images courtesy of Homes and Gardens Magazine.


15 Responses to “It’s Bedtime!”

  1. Paulette Ink. Says:

    You’ve been busy! I’m more of a traditional girl, so I was really surprised that I reacted best to the bedroom with the tulip table! On top of looking so sweet, it also looks cozy. And all you’d have to do is change the pillows to make it look more masculine (though I really do like those pillows). My second favorite is the girly pink room … though I don’t think there’s any way it could be made more masculine. 🙂

  2. charlotte elizabeth Says:

    wow ❤ the yellow stripes

  3. Joanna Says:

    On the contrary, I think the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a person’s home! Getting a good night’s rest is crucial to our mood and overall health. We spend a third of our life sleeping, so why not spend as much as you could afford on making the space as comfortable and soothing as possible? I think waking up to a beautiful room just starts the day off right, don’t you? I’m loving the floral wallpaper and the moodiness of the blue wall color.

  4. cupcakes and cashmere Says:

    i’m the SAME exact way. my bedroom is as boring as they come, but i’m infatuated with that last room and the peach comforter.

  5. Luphia Says:

    these bedrooms are so gorgeous, cosy and inviting! the 2nd room from the last is such a dream!

  6. ambika Says:

    I have to say our bedroom is really the room that makes me most unhappy in terms of design. It really is just waiting until we own a place.

  7. Leigh Pennebaker Says:

    ooh, ahh, gorgeous and inspiring photos!

  8. Liz@VioletPosy Says:

    I love that last image, I need to make our bedroom look more like a boudoir and less like a child’s dumping ground!

  9. Mrs. B. Says:

    Ohhhh, my heavens. Those two white bedrooms (third and second to last) are fantastic. Just right.

  10. miss aimee Says:

    I think you need to do your bedroom! I am doing mine now in a very girly color scheme and my hubby is totally fine with it bc it makes me happy! I love it. will post it soon, almost finished.

  11. Lecia Says:

    Love, love that wallpaper in photo #2! I have a similar attitude to yours towards my own bedroom.

  12. julie Says:

    our bedroom is pretty bad too…i just can’t seem to step up and spend a little money to make it a relaxing, cozy haven to rest my head! these bedrooms are just beautiful! i especially love that tufted headboard! have a lovely weekend.

  13. velvet and linen Says:

    Beautiful bedrooms, Anne.
    I just finished designing a bedroom with yellow walls and a gray upholstered headboard! So funny. I am going to send that image to my client.
    I love that Riviera Maison wicker headboard. I wish they sold it in the states!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Rebecca Says:

    oh, I adore a bedroom based on white–it’s just heaven!

  15. Cyd Says:

    That final bedroom is precisely the kind of room I dreamed of as a little girl. I’ve always been very obsessed with making sure my bedroom was a haven, still am in fact.

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