Absolutely Loving: Oversized Ottomans

ellen silverman.png

I’m not a huge fan of coffee tables; something about them seems so contrived, and I always bang my shins on their edges. But I need a surface for my dinner plate while I watch Big Love and Flight of the Conchords (yes, I am uncouth and eat in front of the TV) and it is nice to have a place to put your feet up. Perhaps a big ol’ ottoman is in my future?


This one looks so stately and regal; I adore the tufted leather, and the turned feet. The purple number below strikes a sweet feminine note. Plus the fun thing about an ottoman is it gives you an excuse to start collecting nifty trays!


I also love the idea of using an ottoman as an opportunity to bring some pattern into my space. The image below is one of my all time favourite Domino vignettes, due in large part to the panache of the damask. Look how they’ve repeated it in the pillows!


And speaking of pillows, this room as a whole is not quite my style, but check out that gorgeous suzani ottoman! It would pair perfectly with my brand new cushions , provided I was able to track it down in the right colors.


Another smashing example—is it just me or does a close inspection suggest that this fuchsia ottoman is actually upholstered in alligator textured leather? What a perfect way to inject even more personality into a room already brimming with it!

Woodwork class.tiff

One aspect that worries me about introducing an ottoman into my own space is the risk of going overkill on soft furnishings; we already have a tufted couch and a long, low daybed. I don’t want the room to feel ‘padded’ if you know what I mean. I think the key is finding a piece that feels structured and a bit airy like the one below.


Alternatively I could play up the low, loungey vibe that I’m already veering towards with a giant pouf! This one is especially sumptuous and louche. Decisions, decisions! Stay tuned for a shopping trip with some of my favourite ottomans!

Stylish living room.tiff

P.S. I’ve misplaced the source on a few of these images—if you recognize them please let me know so I can give proper credit!

Image Credits: 1. Ellen Silverman 2. Source Unknown 3. Living Etc. 4.Domino 5. Anna Williams 6. Source unknown 7. Source Unknown 8. Decorology


25 Responses to “Absolutely Loving: Oversized Ottomans”

  1. cupcakes and cashmere Says:

    yay what a fun post! my boyfriend and i have an oversized ottoman that doubles as a coffee table. it’s sleek and functional!

  2. cassandra Says:

    totally agree on the coffee table ottoman – much less painful to bump my shins on! (also, love your little blogging corner! the pillows are perfect!)

  3. Joanna Says:

    Love it!

  4. mary jo Says:

    Loving that purple ottoman. I am still missing a coffee table in the living room because I just can’t decide…more food for thought!
    Love your living room corner–looks so comfy!

  5. Chessa! Says:

    I LOVE oversize ottmans. LOVE. A few weeks ago I saw one that I swear was 6 feet long and rich brownish/red color in my fave thrift shop on 23rd Street…I was so tempted but I’d have to get rid of half the furniture in my living room to fit it. It was divine!
    And, btw, who says it’s “uncouth” to eat in front of the TV? If you live in a city where else do you eat? My table is more like an extra storage space, mail holder than eating surface! 🙂 In fact, I don’t think I know anyone who lives in NYC who actually eats their meals at a proper table. It’s all about kitchen counter/breakfast bars and couches and coffee tables.

  6. Amanda Says:

    I have been wanting to make one foreves. Maybe soon. Hmmmmm.

  7. callie grayson Says:

    brilliant post! loving the purple interiors, my favorite colour. I haven’t used it in my interiors since my cottage in Pasadena. I think I may need to revisit that colour. So pretty!

  8. christina Says:

    Just today I was in a design shop and I saw the most perfect oversized brown damask ottoman. I wish I could take it home with me. I’m still swooning from my encounter. Lovely post, my dear.

  9. Kristy Says:

    I think the first and last photos are my favorites – I love that purple pouf!

  10. Jen Says:

    Oh my god! Elk antlers! Those aren’t your style? But I have a bunch of them leftover from the previous owners…are you sure?? Haha can I send them through the mail?

  11. Paulette Ink. Says:

    What is it about the color purple-or shades thereof-that I love some much in home decor? It’s regal and edgy and classic and demure all at the same time. I think an ottoman would be the perfect way to incorporate it into a room. 🙂 Good luck!

  12. dolce chic Says:

    I love everything about them. Such beautiful color schemes!

  13. Luphia Says:

    those square ottomans are so elegant & classy! love the idea as i bang my shins on the edge of coffee tables way too often!

  14. Trailing Spouse Says:

    I’m all for ottomans over coffee tables. I find the latter to be far too bulky and draws too much attention.
    Yah for dinner in front of the telly. 😉

  15. Pretty Little World Says:

    This is the perfect decorating idea! I’m all for anything that has multiple functions and looks lovely — I’m particularly smitten with that damask ottoman!

  16. kasey Says:

    I think i am going to have to go out and get an oversized white ottoman now.
    lovely pics!
    {i’m having a little givaway over here….}

  17. miss aimee Says:

    great fun tried+true post today!

  18. miss aimee Says:

    great fun tried+true post today!

  19. the sassy kathy Says:

    you do not even KNOW how long my mom has been pining for one of these huge comfy ottomans. we have a couple of coffee tables and she has since decided she despises them. damn recession.

  20. chantal Says:

    hmmmmm….a new obsession! easy to fall in love with this idea {only, where do i put my coffee??} x c

  21. Erin Says:

    me too! Been obsessed for quite awhile – still trying to convince the s.o. to invest.

  22. HouseEnvy Says:

    Hi, love your blog! I think number 7 is from the OKA catalogue, certainly looks very much like their style. Based in the UK so may not be of any use to you…
    Oh, it is, here’s the link:

  23. HouseEnvy Says:

    PS think that fuschia mock alligator skin is Designers Guild.

  24. vee Says:

    I love them too, especially how multifunctional they are! 🙂

  25. nkp Says:

    Gorge!!!! What a fantastic compilation. Thanks Anne!

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