Shopping Trip: Vintage Fashion from Nikita Jade

nikita jade etsy city sage.jpg

While I love the idea of a day spent combing vintage shops for that perfect one-of-a-kind find, the reality of shopping vintage—funny smells, endless piles of junk—usually stops me in my tracks. So I’m overjoyed to have recently discovered the hidden depths of Etsy as a terrific resource for vintage shopping! One of my favourites lately is seller Nikita Jade (you may know her from her fabulous blog, Pretty.Little.World.). She offers a broad yet carefully edited collection of clothing and accessories from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. I love the thought of adding color to my spring wardrobe with these bright, flirty sundress. Throw on a pair of peep-toed flats and you’re good to go!

nikita jade etsy city sage5.jpg

Such adorable skirts! They cry out for a simple white tee (tucked in of course) and some saltwater sandals…very Debra Winger circa ‘Terms of Endearment’. And when the huz and I finally take our honeymoon (now accepting suggestions for the ultimate tropical getaway!) this fun romper or a Mrs. Roper-style caftan will make a great beach coverup.

nikita jade etsy city sage2.jpg

I’ve also started to think ahead to wedding season. With the nuptials of several friends on my radar, I don’t want to buy a new outfit for each wedding but also don’t want to appear in all those photos wearing the same thing! Vintage is a creative, economical solution to the problem. Sweet day dresses in bright colors look smashing for a morning ceremony…

nikita jade etsy city sage4.jpg

…and for a formal evening reception a tiered and ruffled dress or a fabulous sequin jacket are super sophisticated yet not too serious.

nikita jade etsy city sage3.jpg

Finally, be sure to check out Nikita Jade’s amazing selection of coats and jackets, now on sale. I’m a sucker for swingy shapes with big round buttons up the front–very Hitchcock heroine! Now tell me: what’s your all-time greatest vintage find?

nikita jade etsy city sage6.jpg

All images courtesy of Nikita Jade.


12 Responses to “Shopping Trip: Vintage Fashion from Nikita Jade”

  1. Caroline @ Patagonia Gifts Says:

    That black ruffled dress is SO beautiful! Love it!

  2. a pretty pill Says:

    how did i not know about this?! every single one of these pieces screams ME;)
    – best vintage find: my $3 ferragamos
    – honeymoom destination: mosquito beach hotel in playa del carmen.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Oh, and your comment had me laughing too! I wondered, after I posted it, if you’d realize that I was the same Rachel from EAD… 😉
    Sorry for the confusion.

  4. blair Says:

    Oh, wow–those coats are just stunning! I am definitley going to have to add this to my etsy shopping list! And that sequin jacket is just calling my name, even if I could never pull it off it would just look so lovely hanging in my closet:)

  5. cevd Says:

    fantastic find … thanks for sharing my dearie.

  6. christina Says:

    Wow! I’m heading over to her shop right away. My best vintage find is this cute little desk I got at the Alameda flea market. It’s upstairs in my workshop, just waiting to be repainted.
    Unfortunately, I have never bought vintage clothing. But I think you’ve just solved the problem for me. No more funny smells and digging through piles of junk to find a jem. Thanks!

  7. Anne @ Pink Galoshes Says:

    I am seriously loving that sequin coat. So fabulous! Great finds!

  8. Luphia Says:

    so many gorgeous dresses! that deep purple one is lovely, oh so is the red one & i’ll take the coats too please, x

  9. callie grayson Says:

    i love vintage! i have collected pieces for years. I have found many a great pieces: 70’s orange leather coat from Kmart. $10.00
    wool Italian suit with a mink collar, $25.00
    1950’s cocktail dress with runch pleats and lace, $20.00 my list goes on….

  10. Lindley Says:

    totally obsessed with that red romper!

  11. Rebecca Says:

    that last cute is lovelylovely!

  12. vintagedress Says:

    oh i love the red/white dress! and that last coat! lovely!

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