Gee You Smell Great: Tom Ford White Patchouli

tom ford.png

Have you ever caught a whiff of something so enchanting that you sniffed around madly to determine the source, only to discover that the smell was emanating from you? No, me neither. In fact I generally have the opposite problem, especially since I switched to an all-natural deodorant.

But on Saturday I was at Bloomingdale's and—like a magpie attracted to a shiny object—I was inexplicably drawn to the glowing white bottle of Tom Ford White Patchouli. I doused myself quite generously, and the huz and I commented all day on how terrific I smelled. Then I showered and all was forgotten. Or so I thought.

This morning in the car, the sun warmed my leather jacket and caused the residual White Patchouli molecules to drift upwards. I spent the rest of the drive burying my nose into my sleeve to catch the scent. I didn't just smell good; I smelled (and felt!) like a sexy cool girl. I have never in my life felt like a sexy cool girl.

Long story short, I gotta get me some. Tell me, do you have a sexy cool girl scent?



18 Responses to “Gee You Smell Great: Tom Ford White Patchouli”

  1. cupcakes and cashmere Says:

    i’ve got to say, since visiting Haight/Ashbury a few too many times as an adolescent, i developed a strong aversion to patchouli. but, knowing tom ford, the stuff is probably amazing. my sexy cool girl scent is burberry brit.

  2. nkp Says:

    Pretty bottle, I like the spare white form. My go to scent is flowerbomb by Victor and Rolf. It’s stronger than anything I would normally wear, but I find it irresistible!

  3. callie grayson Says:

    I have been wearing child lately.
    but after your post, i need to smell this new scent:)

  4. Jamie Says:

    hippie dippie tom ford boom boom patchou! πŸ™‚
    I like chanel’s madamoiselle…

  5. Mary Jo Says:

    I was quite curious as to where the sexy cool girl link was going to take me and I quite approve. She’s wearing gray, what can I say? I will have to check out the scent–love the bottle already!

  6. christina Says:

    I also liked the sexy cool girl links…if only I could have half that much sexy cool. Sigh.
    But for me my scent is Trish McEvoy #9. I can’t get enough.

  7. Abbie Says:

    Oh my goodness… that opening paragraph had me laughing I almost fell off the sofa. I had the same thought when I switched to the all-natural. I never would have guessed that patchouli would smell good. Maybe because I only picture my non-clean hippy friends. πŸ™‚ I will have to smell this… soon.

  8. josephine Says:

    i love collecting fragrances, but my taste doesn’t really veer toward sexy-cool. i think the closest thing i’ve go to sexy-cool would be Dior’s Addict, which was a gift. i must sample this tom ford concoction, though!

  9. Jessica Says:

    Your sexy cool girl links made me laugh so much and I am definitely going to check that perfume out. I hope we have it England…

  10. Luphia Says:

    not seen this before & must check it out! not sure about sexy & cool but my fav frangrances are D&G’s light blue/ Moschino’s I love love

  11. sarah von Says:

    Fantastic! I love patchouli, but when I wear it in its pure form, everyone around me asks what smells like dirt. Maybe this wound end that.

  12. a pretty pill Says:

    yeah…the all natural deodorant thing didn’t work out for me (any of the 7 times i tried). so i stick to my clinical strength and douse myself with stella by stella mccartney (rose, peony, mandarin, and amber- yum). my husband likes escada’s sexy graffiti, which is now discontinued, but somehow still mysteriously makes its way underneath the xmas tree each year.
    p.s. sarah – you crack me up!

  13. Emily Says:

    i love jo malone’s orange blossoms but you have really talked me into checking out this tom ford.

  14. jora Says:

    I am not much of a perfume person, but my college boyfriend’s mom bought me Amarige by Givenchy and I always keep it on hand now because, I kid you not, every time — without fail — I wear it someone comments on it (favorably).

  15. {this is glamorous} Says:

    Have been wearing Tom Ford’s Black Orchid forever, and people always follow me around saying “you smell so good!” One time a complete stranger in Starbucks told me. There is also a spray for your hair of the Black Orchid that comes in a beautiful gold bottle, and the new White Orchid perfume smells amazing too. Will definitely try the White Patchouli.

  16. TerriG Says:

    Bond Number 9 scents are great if you love a little patchouli. My go to oool sexy girl one is “Nuits de Noho”

  17. vee Says:

    i love Patchouli must check this scent out! πŸ˜‰

  18. Joanna Says:

    I adore perfume. It’s seriously one of the most underrated art forms out there and I’ve been meaning to write about it in my blog. Having said that, I cannot love Tom Ford’s White Patchouli. I tried it once and immediately hated it. Different strokes for different folks, and therein lies the brilliance of perfume.

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