Crazy Beautiful: Color and Pattern from House Beautiful


When it comes to decorating with color and pattern, I talk a big talk but I don’t walk the walk. My couch is solid brown, my linens are solid beige, my walls are a nondescript ecru. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, though, to fill your home with vivid hues and wild prints? I am both intimidated and in awe of this photo shoot from the February issue of House Beautiful. It’s such a persuasive example of how glorious a little color courage can be. I love the bold blue on the walls and sofa above, and isn’t that checkerboard floor a hoot?

house beautiful city sage.jpg

What a living room! There are so many vibrant details here—the stripes, the florals, the animal prints—and yet it doesn’t feel over the top. The pale pink on the walls provides a quiet foundation to the more outspoken elements, and the repeated accents of black and white tie it all together. And speaking of black and white, it is so impactful in the entryway below!


This bedroom is a really beautiful study in how to play with scale: a fun yet sophisticated floral appears on everything from bed linens to draperies to pillows. However, the designer has used the print in varying sizes so the room is welcoming, not overwhelming.


Finally, a quiet retreat gets a monochromatic treatment in soft robin’s egg blue—with circus tent stripes on the ceiling to keep things interesting!


Like I said, I’ve not taken any of my own color and pattern advice in my own home. But I’d like to try! So I’ve recruited our expert in residence—the incredible interior designer Tobi Fairley—to share her tips on busting the beige rut. Stay tuned for that tomorrow!

All images courtesy of House Beautiful


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22 Responses to “Crazy Beautiful: Color and Pattern from House Beautiful”

  1. Amanda Says:

    All of these gorgeous pictures you post make me so jealous. My apartment is frumpy, and I can only use the college kid excuse for so long.
    I need someone to come decorate for me, and let me pay them in rolls of quarters and red wine. 😉

  2. vee Says:

    I love the colors and patterns in these homes! That is one of my goals this year is to add more patterns in my decor this year! 🙂

  3. Joanna Says:

    These rooms are such a breath of fresh spring air. LOVE.

  4. cupcakes and cashmere Says:

    i’m such a sucker for stripes…on both walls and ceilings. great inspiration here!

  5. ambika Says:

    The zebra print on the stairs is insane. Totally not something I’d do but fabulous looking.

  6. Kotori Says:

    Those patterns are so inspiring! I am trying to come out of my “solid colored” shell and inject some punch. These pictures make me really want to do it!

  7. dani @ weddingsfresh Says:

    this was my favorite from my magazine! love the blues and the circus stripes.

  8. Pretty Little World Says:

    These rooms are lovely. The blue and the fabric in the first room are so bold and pretty; the ceiling in the last room is just like a carousel!

  9. Luphia Says:

    so many gorgeous fabrics! i never thought such a bright blue colour would work but it looks amazing!

  10. WendyB Says:

    Adore that blue.

  11. dolce chic Says:

    Very pretty! Love black and white together. I thought of you yesterday with Michelle Obama’s yellow dress 🙂

  12. christina Says:

    That striped entryway. I adore it.

  13. blair Says:

    They have really been on it lately over at HB! I just adore that entry way and those teal walls are pretty fabulous too.

  14. Heidi Jo Says:

    I like these. Especially the last one. I would love to have a ceiling just like that!

  15. callie grayson Says:

    what a coincidence I read this in House Beautiful today on the train into work!!
    The colours are amazing. I love the entryway the most. I love stripes and mixed with that zebra pattern runner on the stairs! fab!!

  16. mrs. french Says:

    vibrant and beautiful….who couldn’t use a dose of that? xo t

  17. dwellings and decor Says:

    Fun post! It puts me in a really good mood. I especially love the rose drapery with those big rose pillows. Gorgeous!

  18. Jenny Says:

    Color is lovely, but my apartment is mostly black and white, with a hint of pink in the dining section and red in the living room part. The circus tent striped ceiling looks really lovely!

  19. Miss Aimee Says:

    each one of your room picks are so warm and invited. love them!!

  20. robin pulsifer Says:

    how fun to add the same print on the wallpaper to the fabric covering the chair and ottoman. i could look and become inspired by gorgeous rooms all day long…and night too! thanks for the inspire on female designers before their time, i’ll check her out too!

  21. Trina Says:

    Loving all the color.. I am thinking about doing that light light blue in my dining room.
    Thanks for the comment today!
    x Trina

  22. Chelsea Fuss Says:

    Love the stripes!

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