Le Sigh…


How much more work would we all get done if we had an office as lovely as this?

Of course it’s possible that the soft ocean tones might inspire more beach outings than actual work…but I’d be willing to take my chances.

Image credit: Rachel Whiting

17 Responses to “Le Sigh…”

  1. Clare Says:

    I have to say that my office looks nothing like this gorgeous one – more’s the pity! Instead of the colour co-ordinated pencils, vases, pretty book and interesting lights it has piles of bills and things to file, the odd broken toy that needs fixing, miscellaneous pens that usually don’t work and a bunch of photos that make me feel guilty for not organising them. It is never too late though… I might make my desk next weeks challenge! Such an inspiring photo.

  2. trailingspouse Says:

    I would get zero work done! In fact that blur outside the window near the ocean is me running away! Living that close to the beach is far too much of a distraction.
    Love the desk lamp.

  3. vicki archer Says:

    Le sigh…le dream, I say. xv

  4. Luphia Says:

    what a beautiful workplace, so peaceful and calm! although if the weather is too nice i’ll probably end up spending most of my time outside! šŸ˜‰

  5. Denise Says:

    I dream of that room and being so close to a beach. Meanwhile, my workroom has rather a lot more stuff! Oh to be minimal.

  6. sushi2 Says:

    That desk looks absolutely dreamy. I would feel so relaxed working on it. I can just imagine all my ideas just floating out above my pen at this desk.

  7. mary jo Says:

    This is just lovely. If I ever get out of here (gray) I might one day succumb to butter yellow…

  8. Joanna Says:

    Call me crazy, but I think this calming space is exactly what I would need to get some work done! I feel at peace just dreaming about it.

  9. Karen Beth Says:

    Le sigh is right!

  10. blair Says:

    All I can say is that is one of the most dreamy office set-ups I have seen for a while. And that lamps is just so darn cool!

  11. blair Says:

    All I can say is that is one of the most dreamy office set-ups I have seen for a while. And that lamps is just so darn cool!

  12. jo Says:

    lovely, if I could only kep my own work space this clean and tidy!

  13. jae Says:

    That space would make me want to spend all my time there and in doing so, I just might…..accidentally…..get a lot of work done.

  14. Kristin Says:

    i’d never get a thing done, though, because i’d be staring at all my beautiful objects all day.

  15. Grace@PoeticHome Says:

    I somehow think that even between all the extraneous beach outings, I would be more productive in an office this beautiful. Beautiful post Anne!

  16. Lecia Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love that shade of yellow, and how clean and simple it is.

  17. {this is glamorous} Says:

    Completely in love with this office space! Although would imagine that I would either be sticking my toes in the sand, or daydreaming the hours away . . .

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