Doing It Up Fur Trapper Style


Yesterday’s swimwear post got many readers thinking spring, but my homegirl Jen voiced a legitimate concern: “We just got another foot of snow. Where is your post about sexy winter snow boots? Or the cutest down parka?” Of course Jen’s ‘complaint’ is all in good fun, but nonetheless this is a serious issue—far be it for me to foment dissention amongst our friends in the Great White North! So as requested here’s some arctic inspiration.


These cozy, wooly, furry layers in soft shades of cream, tan and charcoal make me think winter doesn’t get nearly the credit it deserves. Who amongst us would turn down a chance to romp through through the snow and then get all roasty toasty by a roaring fire?


Summon up some polar panache with a streamlined down coat–it boasts a slim silhouette for a look that’s much more Dr. Zhivago than Michelin Man. I’m digging Sorel’s new ‘Joan of Arctic‘ boots, a stylish update on their classic Caribou. This hat has major kitsch appeal, and I’ll bet these mittens are so soft inside. Finally, this ‘scarf’ is actually a blanket from UK company Toast—my favourite authority on cozy!—but the subtle plaid is too pretty to leave home on the couch. Just wrap it around your neck a few extra times!

city sage trapper style.jpg
Pick one piece for a quiet nod to trapper chic. Or don’t be afraid to pile it all on for the ultimate in tundra princess!

And you tell me: summer or winter styles? Which do you like best?

Image Credit: My current stylist obsession, Eva Lindh


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16 Responses to “Doing It Up Fur Trapper Style”

  1. courtney Davis Says:

    the phrase “ultimate tundra princess” made me laugh out loud! and i think i will invoke it each time i go outside to help me bear the chicago winter. thank you for that!

  2. Joanna Says:

    I LONG for winter weather, just so I can play in the snow and afterwards unfurl in front of a crackling fire, glass of red firmly in hand. Since I’m currently in not-so-cold LA, I think I’ll be coming back to this page so I can continue dreaming a little.
    Winter clothes, for SURE!

  3. stephanie Says:

    Have you ever looked through Gorsuch? It’s like luxe winter lifestyle porn … the fur boots alone slay me.
    These photos are great. I’m a winter girl for sure.

  4. Jen Says:

    Yes! I can sport Jack as a papoose! Brilliant!

  5. a pretty pill Says:

    san juan doesn’t get colder than 70! needless to say i’m utterly envious of this post and you people who live in the states. if i were up north i would be sporting these little guys on my head for fun.∧=4

  6. kasey Says:

    so, i live in that weather and now i so need some fur!

  7. blair Says:

    Oh, I could use all of those right now! I love the colors of that scarf–so subtle. Oh, and that jacket would be perfect on the way to a hot cocoa date on a chilly night. I definitley prefer summer clothes–I think it is mostly because I hate wearing close toed shoes!:)

  8. blair Says:

    Oh, I could use all of those right now! I love the colors of that scarf–so subtle. Oh, and that jacket would be perfect on the way to a hot cocoa date on a chilly night. I definitley prefer summer clothes–I think it is mostly because I hate wearing close toed shoes!:)

  9. i.d. Says:

    What a fun editorial! I love the fur hat she is rocking. x

  10. Teresa Says:

    I love winter clothes, all those beautiful sweaters, coats, jackets, and scarves! And don’t forget hot chocolate!

  11. C Says:

    Oooh, I don’t know. I think I really get into whatever season it is, and have fun playing with the colors, fabrics, shapes, and textures of the clothing and shoes. Certainly the ones you have here make me want to curl up with some hot chocolate in a ski lodge! I have boots similar to the ones at the bottom, and I love clomping around in them in the snow. I feel so Arctic when I wear ’em!

  12. callie grayson Says:

    great post, i need it for inspiration to dress cute for the winter! when you have 5 layers of clothes/coats on it’s hard to look stylish.
    Yeah, I can imagine myself in front of that fire with a nice hunky, rugged lumber jack sipping hot chocolate!

  13. chantal Says:

    i love flip flops. but sometimes a big winter jacket is comforting ((and cute, which must be why i have so many)) and boots. boots are good….so either way really, i’ll find something i like.
    and pack them all when you head off this weekend…i hear rumors of a temp of 66 in monterey!!
    thanks for your kind words of encouragement as always, much appreciated.
    x c

  14. Laurel Says:

    I love this post! Now I live near Seattle and it rains all winter! Any sexy rain outfits?!?! (I have yet to find any! haha)

  15. Courtney Says:

    Oh, this is the time of year when I feel incredibly torn- I get excited for spring weather (and spring clothes,) but then I hate to see winter slide away too quickly! I guess this has only been the case since I moved to a place with milder winters. In high school, true spring didn’t come soon enough for me (and that was the beginning of April if we were lucky!)
    Anyways, these photos and winter accessories have me longing for a major snow, a roaring fireplace, and a mug of hot chocolate!

  16. carly Says:

    Fur. Really? Yuck. Who would encourage wearing fur besides some celeb who is being paid to wear it…

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