Guest Blogging at A Day That Is Dessert!

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The lovely Lecia over at A Day That Is Dessert was kind enough to ask me to share a holiday guest post with her readers. Please pop over for a fun DIY that I put together! It’s perfect as a last minute stocking stuffer and a great project to do with the little ones when you’re snowed in. And while you’re there, be sure admire Lecia’s charming blog full of inspiring photos, scrumptious recipes, and thoughtful reflections on all things wise and wonderful in the world!


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3 Responses to “Guest Blogging at A Day That Is Dessert!”

  1. Lecia Says:

    Thanks so much Anne (blush)!

  2. Georgia Says:

    oh, for some reason i can not leave a comment on the post above—about the prairie Christmas. 😦
    well, this is what it was going to say:
    What a romantic feast for the eyes! I love those stucco walls!
    I just went on break at work, and thought I would check my e-mail. Your comment about cell phones being in the original Handel score. That made me laugh out loud! And I needed that! Today is a crazy work day! Ughhhh.
    I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas vacation! Thanks for the Irish music suggestion. I would love to get those from you if you are positive it’s no trouble. Otherwise, I can try to get them after the holidays when things slow down.
    If, I don’t talk to you before Wednesday, you have a very merry and blessed Christmas! I’m so happy we’ve become blogging buddies!!! 🙂

  3. sushi2 Says:

    Wow, Lecia’s site is captivating. I need to look for a better camera. Her photos really captured her thoughts and images… On a different note cool Christmas lights on your bridge =) Hope you get better. That rub down sounded so relaxing….

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