Fantasizing About: A Romantic Prairie Christmas


I get so caught up in the cheer and festivity of Christmas, I often forget that it’s quite a romantic holiday too. But imagine, if you will, a long ago Christmas Eve on the range. The town schoolteacher –a recent transplant from the big city–becomes trapped in her tiny cabin during a blizzard. The gruff yet gorgeous sheriff–spurned by love in the past—arrives to rescue her and ends up getting snowed in himself.

Unable to leave the cabin until the snow stops, the schoolteacher and the sheriff circle each other warily. She thinks he is an uncouth, uncivilized cowboy. He is suspicious and awkward around her refined East Coast ways. Ruffled feathers ensue.


But as the storm rages outside, tensions in the tiny cabin begin to thaw. She discovers in his saddlebags the love note he had written her but was too shy to deliver. He finds in her cupboard the mittens she knitted but couldn’t work up the courage to give him. They gaze at each other longingly from opposite sides of the rustic plank floor…


Christmas morning dawns to find the skies a clear, cold blue. The warmth of a crackling fire fills the prairie cabin as our couple snuggles close. They nibble cinnamon biscuits and laugh about how they secretly loved each other the whole time. What a story they will have to tell their grandchildren!


Can you tell I’ve read one too many romance novels? For some practical Christmas advice check out my guest post today at A Day That Is Dessert!

All images courtesy of Krakvik & D’Orazio


21 Responses to “Fantasizing About: A Romantic Prairie Christmas”

  1. jo Says:

    gorgeous! i want a romantic prairie Christmas!looks so cozy and warm!

  2. courtney Says:

    This is beautiful! And what a charming story!

  3. Alexis Roberts Says:


  4. aubrey Says:

    oo that looks sooo perfect! what I would do to have that be mine… 🙂

  5. josephine Says:

    this post was all about the story for me. oh, and the photos are nice, too!

  6. robin pulsifer Says:

    such great photos of a beautiful setting for a holiday! i could breathe deeply in those rooms, oh and then the one below with the tub in front of the fire…i’d never come out. they’d find me days later, all shrivled up and pruny but with a fabulously relaxed smile on my face! wow. funny that my post about gus is a company near your mother’s house. it’s really a very small world sometimes around here. :0) happy happy holidays and just to let you know, i adore your blog and feel very lucky to have found you and love your taste in everything! talk to you soon……

  7. mint Says:

    how beautiful! so many things to digest here and so much inspiration!

  8. Megan Says:

    My dear, you are fantastic! Each one of your posts are so thoughtful and refreshing. This story truly put a smile on my face. It definitely brightens my day to stop by your blog and have a peek around 🙂 Happy holidays to you Anne!

  9. Laura Says:

    Wonderful images and love the story, so pleased I have found you! Thank you for your comment and Merry Christmas to you, Laura

  10. blair Says:

    Oh, wow! You not only have incredible taste but our a very good storyteller. I would very much like to be snowed in here. I especially love the twig “chandelier”-quite romantic indeed! Also, so glad you enjoyed my interview–I always get so self conscious about those more personal posts! Have a great night. xx blair

  11. blind irish pirate Says:

    I love this, and I confess I will steal an image. Or two… *swoon*

  12. Grace@PoeticHome Says:

    I loved your entire story Anne! It illustrated the beautiful photos perfectly. I too appreciate a nature-inspired Christmas with subtle beauty, instead of blaring red and green. My decor this year was very neutral, inspired from the elements that we can only appreciate from afar living in California 🙂
    I wish you very splendid and happy holidays!!

  13. leslie Says:

    that was awesome. my heart is all aflutter. 🙂

  14. Jenny Says:

    Haha, wonderful! and thanks for the Peanut butter and honey miniwiches recipe, delish!

  15. lilly Says:

    Loved that post – a romantic Christmas – the best.

  16. Catherine Says:

    Lovely bit of romance, great photos!
    Hey I might have to get your MIL’s shrimp salad recipe – I think that would indeed go nicely with the cheese biscuits, or crackers as you would probably say.
    Thanks so much for all your wonderfully stylish and unique posts – I’ve had such fun reading them and I look forward to more in the future.
    Have a great Christmas with your man and I’ll ‘see’ you next year.
    Catherine xx

  17. hellogorgeous Says:

    Beautiful photos! This reminds me of a shop in NYC in the 80s – I have no idea if it’s still there by Perri Wolf and her husband. Exact aesthetic which I fell in love with then. Still so soothing now. Happy Christmas!

  18. hellogorgeous Says:

    Beautiful photos! This reminds me of a shop in NYC in the 80s – I have no idea if it’s still there by Perri Wolf and her husband. Exact aesthetic which I fell in love with then. Still so soothing now. Happy Christmas!

  19. Liz@VioletPosy Says:

    Beautiful pictures and cute story 😉

  20. rachel Says:

    Love these pictures!!! (And the story too, LOL!!)
    Can I move into this cottage?? It’s gorgeous!

  21. Courtney Says:

    LOL! Oh, Anne- that story is spot on- exactly like the historical romance novels I couldn’t get enough of in high school! Too funny.
    And I love these photos as well; I adore the packages wrapped with brown paper and lace and the entire dining room decor!

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