Model for a Day


The always fabulous Mary Jo at Trust Your Style has featured me in her Friday ‘Eye on Style‘ series. I’m so honored! Mary Jo is an authority on all things chic and desirable, and if she wants to call me ‘glam and gorgeous’ then who am I to argue? Though as I sit here in my schlubby sweats I find it hard to believe…

Judge for yourself here, and also be sure to scroll down for today’s blogger book love with Rebecca from Oh So RB!


19 Responses to “Model for a Day”

  1. ambika Says:

    Congrats on getting featured! I’m off to read it now…

  2. Caroline @ Patagonia Gifts Says:

    Oh Anne, you look fabulous! I totally agree with you in buying few but good things. Have a fantastic weekend, darling! xoxo

  3. Abbey Goes Design Scouting Says:


  4. vicki archer Says:

    Skinny jeans, tee shirt and a blazer – nothing cooler. You look divine, xv.

  5. Liz@VioletPosy Says:

    Looking fab to me! It’s much harder to get away with effortless than something fancy. You look great 🙂

  6. mary jo Says:

    Thanks so much Anne for stopping by–you look fantastic and have equally fabulous style! Sorry I had to put Blythe up–I didn’t want to distract from you, but she’s leaving in a few hours, hope you understand 🙂

  7. nkp Says:

    I completely agree with your philosophy. You look great! And now I’m off to unearth my now vintage cool “original” coach purses. All of the sudden they look modern yet classic. Happy weekend!

  8. megan Says:

    What a fantastic outfit-you look great Anne! Definitely giving me some fashion inspiration. And fear not, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all blogged in our sweats a time or two 😉

  9. Chris Says:

    And this is for you 🙂

  10. shill Says:

    looking fab!!!i gave you an award 🙂 have a gorgeous weekend my dear!

  11. samantha hahn Says:

    I love Mary Jo….eye in style is the best!

  12. callie grayson Says:

    email me and I will send you the recipe for the shortbread.

  13. jora Says:

    Hi Anne — I knew you would be famous one day! Question: which tshirt is that? I keep hearing about this awesome drapey t-shirt from AA, but I can never figure out which one it is. Their t-shirts confuse me!

  14. i.d. Says:

    Congrats! I love the outfit, esp. the blazer. 🙂
    Hope your weekend wasn’t too hectic! xx

  15. Michelle Says:

    Hey Anne,
    I just nominated your blog as one of my
    “blogs I love oh so much” and now you are famous too. Check it out.

  16. shill Says:

    my dear, i tagged you 🙂

  17. dolce chic Says:

    Congratulations! You’re such a fab lady!

  18. Georgia Says:

    true to form, you are a doll as ever!

  19. Courtney Says:

    Anne, you look fabulous! Such a classic, yet glam style. Your outfit and fashion philosophy are both wonderful. Yay for you!

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