Shopping Trip: Clean and Simple Christmas from Kiosk


In my search for red and white twine yesterday, I discovered an amazing resource for sweet
and humble holiday gifts. Kiosk is an “un-design” store; the proprietors search the world for
straightforward yet beautiful products that are just perfect for my desire to focus on the
simple pleasures of the season.


Who needs plastic toys when Santa can carry these beauties down the chimney? A graphic
striped ball is sure to inspire an impromptu game of soccer, and this classic log cabin reminds
me of my dad’s old toys in my grandparents’ basement. The xylophone gets portable with a
handle just right for tiny minstrels, balsa planes are fun to build and to fly, and a simple
wooden stacking toy provides hours of entertainment.

This plastic flask used to be popular with Finnish teens trying to sneak alcohol into sporting events…but I’d fill mine with SoyNog! Or maybe I’d pour in some hot water from my kettle for an instant hand warmer. Store wrapping paper and ribbon in these handy wire baskets, and sweep up any stray reindeer poop with this snazzy broom and dustpan set! Then settle in to watch the snow fall as you dream of spring, when you can put these ergonomic garden tools to use.

Don’t forget about the paper pushers of the world! What could jazz up their desks better than
this stylish heavy duty stapler? ABC Exercise books are a throwback to the days of term papers
and final exams, but this time you can write in colored pencil instead of the regulatory blue ink!
A red notepad is perfect for grocery lists, haiku, and spy secrets, and it will never get lost in your
attache case. And finally, even a monkey could punch the numbers on this jumbo calculator.
Why can’t they make the keys on my iPhone this big?!

Top Image Credit: Bo Bedre


13 Responses to “Shopping Trip: Clean and Simple Christmas from Kiosk”

  1. Clare Says:

    I would love neat rows of those fantastic wire baskets in my pantry and laundry. That stacking toy is fabulous too.

  2. amy@inspirationchic Says:

    this looks great! i have to find something for my mom and dad who have everything. This is always teh hardest thing to find. What do you get for your parents?

  3. Runway girl Says:

    I love these finds. great work.

  4. Courtney Says:

    I love wire baskets, and I would happily take that kettle too!

  5. Cupcakes and Cashmere Says:

    sadly i’d consider myself a worker bee…but luckily you’ve picked fabulous things! that stapler matches the wall in my living room perfectly 🙂

  6. Georgia Says:

    hahaha. i love it! for the little squirt! did you see my post about how i call little kids squirt ever since i met my husband and him saying it all the time rubbed off on me?
    great finds. that’s a great kettle. maybe i’ll have to accidentally break mine so that i have a reason to get another???

  7. Rachel Says:

    The shape of that tea kettle is just perfect! So sleek and classic.

  8. erin Says:

    Having just met my new 8 day old nephew I’m so excited to find him cute things like these!

  9. nkp Says:

    oops, I meant SITE, who needs a coffee? ME!

  10. blair Says:

    What a great find. Definitely makes me want to be a haute hausfrau!

  11. jessica Says:

    Ok, so now those wire baskets and that kettle are on my wish list this holiday season. Good ideas.

  12. jora Says:

    These are all awesome gift choices!!

  13. beautifulpaper Says:

    Great finds, as always!

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