Can’t Get Enough: Ski Bunny Style


The last time I was on skis, I was five and it was a disaster. But this dress from Stewart and Brown makes me want to hit the bunny hill, if only for the apres ski party!


Of course I can’t show up at the chalet without the right accessories. This Buck Necklace from Skylark Studio is rugged yet stylish, and the Paige Cuff Boot by Frye would perfectly display my toned skier’s legs. I’d better start doing some lunges!


Merci beaucoup to Sarah at Musings in Style for the dress find. See you on the slopes, my darlings!


21 Responses to “Can’t Get Enough: Ski Bunny Style”

  1. Sara Says:

    love the boots. Unfortunatly, not much snow here so skiing isnt very good 😦

  2. Luphia Says:

    i’ve Never been skiing!!! it’s on top of my holiday list & i’d love to give it a go. that necklace is so cute, loving the ski bunny style!

  3. nkp Says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have enough leg for all that boot, but they are beautiful! The necklace on the other hand, well , it’s perfectly whimsical.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Oh the boots – how fabulous!

  5. Caroline @ Patagonia Gifts Says:

    Love the dress, Anne! Gorgeous! xoxo

  6. sushi2 Says:

    I love the dress! Hey Anne- simplesong.blogspot made a link to your site regarding your post on an organic Christmas. Just a little FYI in case you didn’t see it yet. Have a great day =)

  7. blair Says:

    Oh I love it! I have been trying to find boots exactly like those! Ski season just started here but I am still in search for the right apres ski apparel–thank you for the great ideas Anne.

  8. Lecia Says:

    Love that dress and necklace!!

  9. Kristy Says:

    Oh Frye, why do you torment me so? Even with the 25% off, they’re too much for my wallet. And that’s just frustrating because I’ve been looking for the perfect riding boot for so long now. Why do I have to fall in love with the ridiculously expensive ones? (Like the $600 Cole Haan pair, or the $1,100 Ferragamos…) *sigh*

  10. Amanda Says:

    That is definitely an essential winter outfit. I saw a pair of vintage Frye boots at a thrift shop this past weekend for 40 bucks. I was in heaven for a few seconds, until I realized they were a size 6.5. Drats! I was tempted to bind my feet so I could justify purchasing them.

  11. Rachel Says:

    Those boots are just too perfect! I love them.

  12. Georgia Says:

    hah! i went skiing once–when i was 25. it was a disaster. i was on my butt more than i was on my skis. i decided then and there, never again. so i went to the lodge to sit by the fireplace and drink hot cocoa–more my style.
    but i could still wear these lovely items and fit right in!

  13. Melissa Says:

    I’m from Colorado and didn’t learn to ski till I was in college in Boston 🙂 I’m a little scared of heights 😦 I love that dress and those boots!

  14. Sheila Bocchine, Pinhole Photographer Says:

    THOSE BOOTS!!!! Oh I must have them! tall and flat and such a great shape!
    I’ve never skied, I don’t like snow or being cold…. but it does get cold enough in Phoenix to wear awesome boots like those!

  15. tiffany Says:

    what a perfect little winter outfit. That dress is too cute. And those boots, Candi (Dolce Chic) and I were just admiring them the other day!

  16. stephanie Says:


  17. Tina Says:

    I just ordered a pair of boots very similiar to those….flat heel not chunky bikeresqe tough chick boots. cannot wait to sport them. I have to be honest, I love the ski bunny style but a skier I am not.

  18. erin Says:

    ok, i must have that necklace!

  19. Karen (skylark studio) Says:

    WOW! thanks for the mention on my necklace! your blog is awesome! really very inspiring…

  20. Sarah Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I love your blog and I’m adding it to my links!!

  21. J Swatek Says:

    Awesome…. keep it up

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