Blogger Book Love: Molly from My Favorite Things


Yay! It's Friday! And what better way to celebrate than with another installment in our Blogger Book Love series? I'm so thrilled to bring you five favourite books from Molly from My Favorite Things! Molly's blog is a daily compendium of all that is blissful and beautiful in the world; from the best Etsy finds to the tastiest sweets, everything she shares is just spot-on awesome. When Molly and I first got in touch regarding the series, she told me, "I la la love to read!" So it's no surprise that her list of faves is a diverse and compelling selection of books. Without further ado, I bring you…



These is My Words (Nancy Turner)—It
only took a few pages for this book to draw me in.  It is a
fictionalized diary of Sarah Prine, who begins her story at the age of
18.  She is uneducated and consequently, it shows in her writing [love
that aspect].  It is truth, hardship, love, and loss all tied together
for a deeply moving read.  I came away grateful for the ease in which I
live and grateful for those who have gone before.


The Mother in Me (Kathryn Lynard Soper)This is a collection of writings.  As a young mom of two young
boys, it was quite nice to reflect and connect with their words.  It
gave me a gentle reminder that although I am not perfect, I am doing my
absolute best and learning along the way.  Motherhood is a mixture of
happiness, joy, craziness and exhaustion; all combined together.
 Although some days you have a bit more exhaustion thrown in there then
you would like.  It is nice to know I am not alone.


The Last Lecture(Randy Pausch)—This book really made me take a look at my life and realize I make my
own happiness and dreams come true.  Even in the face of adversity
happiness can bloom and thrive.


Domino : The Book of Decorating(Deborah Needleman, Sara Ruffin Costello, Dara Caponigro)—Every time I pick this up I want to switch things up in my house. Lovely, lovely book!


Harry Potter(J.K. Rowling)—Yes, I'll admit it.  I jumped on the bandwagon and fell in love with Harry Potter.  Just couldn't help myself.
Thanks so much to Molly for the recommendations. I'm especially intrigued by that first one—I've been a huge historical fiction buff since the days of my American Girl obsession…and I can sympathize with riding the Harry Potter bandwagon as the huz and I were fiftieth in line at Barnes and Noble NYC to get the final book in the series.

I hope everyone is enjoying Blogger Book Love! There's lots more in store for next week, and if you're just tuning in, catch up with our previous installments from Jo at A Cup of Jo, Becky from Harmony and Home, and Jora from Domestic Reflections!

Image Credits: 1. Gemma Comas 2. Banner courtesy of Molly at My Favorite Things


12 Responses to “Blogger Book Love: Molly from My Favorite Things”

  1. Lecia Says:

    I really like your Blogger Book Love series – that’s how I found your blog! – via Jo. I will check out the first three titles – they look interesting. And I’ll take a look at Molly’s blog. Happy Friday!

  2. Luphia Says:

    i read last week’s book list from Jo & didn’t even realise it’s a series, what a great idea!
    Domino is definitely on my wishlist this chrsitmas, really hope i get it!
    have a great weekend anne! x

  3. Melissa Says:

    I really want to read the Last Lecture too!

  4. kathryn Says:

    i love this series! i have such a book obsession, and this is great. thanks!

  5. Georgia Says:

    i have the domino book! (i won it from a belle maison give-away.)
    it’s really good–and very worth purchasing!
    Happy Friday, Anne!!!

  6. sushi2 Says:

    Fantastic book selection. Anne you know how to chose good spotlight guests. These are great ideas for my Christmas wish list. Thanks for sharing.

  7. robin pulsifer Says:

    i’ll have to check some of these books out! also love the post below on very colorful and textural rooms and decor. i love in one of the rooms it seems as if they’ve found some fabulous strips of remnant wallpaper and hung it in one long strand against the walls, what a great idea, and great post, lots of eye-candy galore! happy and relaxing weekend:)

  8. dolce chic Says:

    Thanks for the list…I’m really eying that Domino book!

  9. dolce chic Says:

    PS I was filling out your word verification, and it was practically my name minus the a and e. That was trippy!

  10. Courtney Says:

    The American Girl series! They were probably one of my earliest historical fiction loves as well! 🙂 I am intrigued by the first book too.
    And, oh, yes, I was completely on board the Harry P. train (or the Hogwarts Express- ok, now, I am just being a dork.)
    Great selections, and I can’t wait to see what is ahead.

  11. Abbey Goes Design Scouting Says:

    I love historical fiction! xo Abbey

  12. summer Says:

    I just love these posts- what a wonderful idea! Thank you!

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