Rock the Casbah: Marvelous Morrocan Interiors


Phew! It's been a rough week! I've been pulling 14 hour days and there's no end in sight.  Even my posts have been a bit all over the map today—everything from platypus pillows to Gwyneth's GOOP—and I think it's the result of all the frenzied, frazzled activity. From the sounds of it, everyone else is balls to the wall lately too! So let's take a breather with these gorgeous Moroccan inspired interiors. Sit back, nibble some sugared dates, and enjoy!


Who needs furniture when you have a gazillion pillows at your disposal?
I can even forgive this woman her pink ankle socks. And can't you just taste
the sweet, rich Turkish coffee that they'd serve you when you sat down in
this shadowed warren of screens and benches?


Leather. Mustard yellow. Two of my favourite things melded into a stunning floor cushion?
Heaven on earth! And I love the basket as coffee table concept here!


The sunny, citrusy palette here is so pleasing. Poufs are a staple in this approach to decorating,
and I adore the contrasting yellow stitching on this one. I can't tell if that backdrop is textile or wood…whatever it is, I like it!

Katie sellers

As much as I love all the color of Middle Eastern style, I can't get enough
of this cool, serene take on the look. The greys and blues have an almost
Scandinavian iciness to them, but the layered textures say 'pass the hookah'.
(Don't smoke kids.)

A great contrast here between the sumputous bed linens and prolific pillows, and the
single spare crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Love the lone lily next to the bed!


Morrocan style isn't just about the pillows (though I do love the pillows!). It's about the handpainted tiles, the gorgeous glasswares and ceramics, the rich bounty of vibrant color and lush, vivid details.


What a charming vignette! The broad, rustic plank table, the antique tribal headpieces, the glowing tumble of roses, the gilded mirror in the background. What exquisite parties must be held here!

And finally, doesn't this collection of silver teapots make you want to travel to faraway lands?
Or at least do some shopping to make it look like you've travelled to faraway lands? Well then
you're in luck…stay tuned for a 'Get the Look' shopping guide coming tomorrow, as well as
another installment in our Blogger Book Love series!


And in the meantime, slow down and smile—it's almost the weekend!

Image Credits: 1. Finola Inger 2. Finola Inger 3. Mark Roper 4. Twig Hutchison 5. Katie Sellers 6. VT Wonen 7. Carlu Seaver 8. Finola Inger 9. Carlu Seaver 10. Twig Hutchison


13 Responses to “Rock the Casbah: Marvelous Morrocan Interiors”

  1. blair Says:

    These photos are fabulous! I love the idea of a room full of beautiful pillows! Definitely a beautiful escape from a hectic day:)

  2. Cupcakes and Cashmere Says:

    all of these vibrant colors are exquisite. i really need to start mixing hues together and not being so scared of clashing. such inspiring photos!

  3. Jackie Says:

    The cool, serene take on Moroccan design is my favorite! I looked high and low for a silver pouf to use in my daughter Kara’s nursery and couldn’t find one. And those tribal headpieces are something else!

  4. Deb Says:

    Love love love these photos! (And your blog!)

  5. Chris Says:

    Oh, how I have missed visiting your blog. Seriously. I think I was just finishing going through withdrawal when I got up the energy to read blogs again…and here I am. So happy to be back here 🙂
    Ahem, anyhow, love these pix! There is something about the fabrics, texture, and colors that always get me. But I do also love the clean white take on it as well. Choices, choices!

  6. callie grayson Says:

    love all the images and really am gushing over the collection of tea pots in the last image!

  7. Courtney Says:

    I love Moroccan interiors as well- the color, the pattern, the texture! And I have to say that I love the one that is so serene too.

  8. kathryn Says:

    Hooray hooray! Yes, I think you are more than qualified for blogger bff!
    1. NYC commutes – good times. (I take it you don’t live there anymore, correct?) And brand new husbands – congrats!
    2. I would be absolutely delighted to act as your own personal taste tester for your delish culinary creations.
    3. No more words are necessary regarding the glory of All Spice. We shall both just sit here and appreciate it’s goodness.
    4. And they should be hit! Especially those mean mean mommies.
    5. Oh fun! What does your empire consist of??? (I can completely sympathize, by the way – I still don’t quite understand why people aren’t paying me to write… or eat… or read… or shop… Do they not realize what a valuable writer/eater/reader/shopper I am?)
    6. Sign up!!!!!!!!! It will be fabulous, I promise. I miss my ballet classes – sigh…
    7. Glad the gym went well… but don’t speak too soon my friend. The creeps might still be in hiding… it takes them a little while to work up the nerve to chat with the pretty young things…

  9. perfect bound Says:

    oh, these interiors just make me feel sexxier somehow. it’s the color. and the smoke. and the thought of walking barefoot on that cold tile. so sweet!

  10. nkp Says:

    I’ll gladly switch places with the lovely lady in photo #2. These are really so so very beautiful. You are incomparable in your ability to find some sweet eye candy! Thanks for sharing, as always.

  11. mary jo Says:

    These are all so beautiful–each one more stunning than the next. The one glaring piece of furniture missing from my house is a coffee table–I’ve been playing with the idea of poofs for months, maybe now I will actually break down and do it!

  12. christina Says:

    so gorgeous!! i’m so inspired by this post! we were thinking of having a poiret inspired “thousand and second night party” and these photos are perfect inspiration for decor! i love them…
    {and yes, still living vicariously through other wedding blogs, too! i do miss the wedding planning process!!}

  13. Melissa Says:

    I love the interiors! There is something about bright colors and patterns that gets me everytime.

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