On the Fence About: Fly


I've not been sure what to make of French retailer Fly since discovering it a few months ago. Their furniture is touch and go for me—some is quite cool, some a little tacky—but it's their styling and merchandising that I can't get enough of. This table setting reminds me of a trip I took to Basel years ago…can't you imagine sitting here and eating muesli before a brisk hike in the Alps?


I do love the clear lucite take on the classic Eames Eiffel chair. And check out the wide bleached planks on the floor!


The combination of grey slate and warm wood is completely seducing me here. Do you suppose those floors are polished concrete? I wonder…


Doesn't this table look like it was just dragged in from the barn? Simply brush off the straw and the chicken poop and you're good to go.


Two words: pendant lamps.


I never thought I'd like wicker furniture, but there's something about this banquette that really appeals to me. Though you could dress up anything in vermilion silk and I'd squeal like a little girl.


Wicker again. But it works, right? It's got this lovely, sultry, hazy 1970's vibe that I'm totally digging…


I think if I saw this room in real life I would hate it. I generally detest that style of blocky, pedestrian wood furniture. But the lighting, the white brick walls, the mile high ceilings, the giant 'M'…they're all persuading me that maybe the furniture's not so bad after all.


I'm scheming about how to get my husband's Aussie relatives to send me a bunch of sheepskins so I can create a bedroom as lush and dreamy as this one.


And there's nothing controversial about this nursery. A not-too-sweet pink on the walls, clean white furniture with heart cut-outs for handles, and paper lanterns to keep things fresh and modern.


Head to Fly's website and tell me what you think. Is it just a trumped up Ikea, or are we missing out here in North America? And if anyone's been to one of their stores in Europe…DETAILS PLEASE!


9 Responses to “On the Fence About: Fly”

  1. savvymode sg Says:

    i don’t know about the quality but i agree with you, merchandising is great.

  2. nkp Says:

    I like some of the pieces individually, clean and simple lines are nice, but not the matchy matchy sets…by the way, Ikea is a good source for well-priced sheep skins. Thanks for the heads-up on this company, I love the first photo, especially with your dreamy caption.

  3. juliette c. Says:

    My pantry (who regularly give a look in you blog…) has falled in love with those grey cups. You know, grey is the colour of the year and my pantry (yes, yes: my pantry) is always on trend!

  4. molly Says:

    totally want that wallpaper in the first photo and i love the lucite chairs!

  5. runway girl Says:

    I have to say……
    love these pics!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Trina Says:

    Great photos.. Europe always has way cooler things, at least, I think. I love the wire basket with the firewood. I’m looking for one just like that!
    Happy weekend!

  7. The City Sage Says:

    LOL! Thanks for your feedback Retro Grrrl…I guess as a city gal my idea of rustic is somewhat glamorized 😉
    I have seen some similar tables made from reclaimed barn wood, though, and they look lovely!

  8. velvet and linen Says:

    I always like to be introduced to something new.
    I do like the grey wicker pieces, especially the chairs in the light grey kitchen.
    I agree with you and savvymode, the way the furniture is merchandised in the photos is lovely.

  9. Amy-Jo Tatum/Bride Chic Says:

    I especially love the while birch floors in the dining area. They at least look either birch or stained white. It reminds me of some Swedish Interiors . . .they use a lot of white in their floor and walls–art and fixtures–anything that brings in light. Really enjoyed looking at these Fly photos

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