Writing on the Walls: Chalkboard Paint


This month's Domino magazine feature on the home of Jenna Lyons is just stunning. Most intriguing to me is the bedroom, which Jenna and her husband painted using chalkboard paint. The effect is deep and dramatic, a serene yet striking retreat. And it makes me wonder about the uses of chalkboard paint in decorating. It always looks so darn cool…


The rich, opaque finish of the black paint contrasts so nicely with the dusty, ephemeral chalk writing—such a unique textural layer.


Here the paint contributes to the cool feeling of metal and marble, but it also adds a playful dimension to this angled industrial space.


Different shades of paint create a calendar grid for a decorative element that is functional too. And I love how they've teamed up the chalkboard paint with that great clock and a high-style interpretation of a teacher's chair. Perhaps we can call this 'Schoolhouse Chic'?


Green paint looks earthy and organic on this refrigerator, tying in an otherwise ordinary appliance with the slate tiles on the floor. Though I have hard time identifying with a household that has champagne and goat cheese on their shopping list…mine would read something like 'Kool Aid and Velveeta'.


Rather than painting a whole wall, what about doing just a slim horizontal panel? It breaks up the space without overpowering it, and provides a nifty focal point that you can change on a whim.


I just adore this children's room. Not only does the bright green chalkboard paint inject an element of whimsy that both kids and adults can appreciate, but the application has such graphic appeal. LOVE those woodland silhouettes where green meets white!


But I'll be honest, guys. Knowing my brainy husband who loves to tinker, I'm skeptical about how chalkboard paint would go over in my house. I fear it would end up looking more 'Mad Scientist' than 'Martha Stewart'. So I pose the question. Is chalkboard paint a Do or a Don't? And while you're mulling it over, be sure to scroll down for today's tasty recipe!


Image Credits: 1. Domino 2. Erik Johnson 3. James Merrell 4. Marie Claire Maison via Erin Wilson
5. Noisette Family 6. Nibs Blog 7. Domino 8. New York Times


13 Responses to “Writing on the Walls: Chalkboard Paint”

  1. sushi2 Says:

    A very creative post. You’ve just sold me on chalkboard paint : ) I love the look but I hear it makes quite a mess with chalk dust.

  2. Rachel Says:

    I love it and I’m looking for somewhere to incorporate it in my apartment. My parents have half of their side by side fridge painted with it and it’s great.

  3. Leigh Pennebaker Says:

    I am in LOVE with the chalkboard trend, and I’m dying to do a wall in my apartment. This is an awesome roundup of inspiration images, so thank you!

  4. christine @ pretty.pretty.paper Says:

    oh how i LOVE chalkboard paint. hoping i am able to paint my office and a few other walls in our home some time soon.

  5. molly Says:

    i just hung a simple little chalkboard in my kitchen today. i would love to incorporate chalkboard paint in my boys room when they move in together. love the post!

  6. ...love Maegan Says:

    I LOVE IT…love it.

  7. Caroline - Patagonia Gifts Says:

    Oh Anne, thanks for stopping by my blog! I absolutely love this post, the pics are awesome and I also love your blog. I’m following you! šŸ™‚

  8. Luphia Says:

    wow, your blog is amazing! i’ll def be visiting regularly šŸ™‚
    i think many of us in rest of world felt very pround of the decision the American people have made, it definitely made history!

  9. Chris Says:

    I would say it’s a DO. Not necessarily like that last photo, lol, but it’d be cool to do a wall (or room) for kids to scribble on whenever they want. How cool would that be? And I like it for more grown up spaces like master bedrooms, or a panel in the kitchen for writing lists and such.

  10. juliette c. Says:

    A door chalkboard painted!!! that is one of the next projects for my home. Should I choose the house door (the internal side) or the bathroom door (the external side)???
    I adore the refrigerator you propose!!!!

  11. summer Says:

    OH! this is the stuff that I’m OBSESSED with right now! How did you know? And when I say that I’m obsessed, I mean that I think about it all the time, but have none to use. šŸ™‚
    love all the beautiful photos!

  12. Rebecca @ Harmony and Home Blog Says:

    Anne, I’m a big fan of chalkboard surfaces! I love these images you found. In my next reno or new kitchen, I’d love to put one in! Great post!

  13. 180/360 Says:

    This a fabulous idea. I especially love the fuzzy greyish look when its been erased.

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