Absolutely Loving…


…these fabulous haunted table vignettes from stylist Tanya Goodwin. How much would you love to attend a Halloween party like this!


There's that creepy cloche effect again! And do I spy my favourite wallpaper in the background?

Images courtesy of Tanya Goodwin.


6 Responses to “Absolutely Loving…”

  1. Courtney Says:

    That does look like a fabulous setting for a Halloween party, and I love the close-up shot of the table!

  2. Emma Says:

    I love that over scale black and white floor! Divine … and that twiggy wallpaper may be popular, but always looks fresh … great inspiration! And thanks again for claiming the bedroom shot I posted the other day, I hate it when I can’t remember, and much appreciate you putting your hand up xxx

  3. Chris Says:

    Pretty cool, actually. I really like those tea cups!

  4. Kimberlee Says:

    ooohhh I love this wallpaper as well. My post tomorrow features house with similar wallpaper – you’ll have to tell me if it is the same, different colour way though I think. We don’t really do Halloween in Australia (just as well as I am the biggest scaredy cat in the world!) – but I’m loving all your posts on the ocassion!

  5. perfect bound Says:

    I love these photos. Tanya’s work is amazing. I just posted one of her photos on my blog. I couldn’t resist. Thanks for the tip.

  6. layersofmeaning Says:

    these are great!

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