Stylist (Blood)Lust: Laura Fulmine

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How fun would it be to work as a stylist and dream up interesting and innovative ways to display ordinary objects? In honor of Halloween Week, feast your eyes on the work of stylist Laura Fulmine. The still life arrangements she creates are absolutely haunting!

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This light fixture looks as though it sprouted and grew from that branch, almost like a parasite—so creepy yet so cool. The two lamps below seem to have sinister intentions as well. They've taken on a life of their own!

22259fa8ede96cca41f8b8062c2658c5_5 - elle deco

I'm also fascinated by Laura's series of spooky vignettes under glass cloches. I'm obsessed with terrariums in general—and with the tiny habitats that they enclose—but these are positively otherworldly!
I'm pretty sure that butterfly paperweight is from John Derian, but I never expected to see it under these circumstances! Is anyone else with me on how freaky birds are? I think it's those beady eyes…


I've saved my favourite for last. The greek urn, the teeny tiny bones, the crystal anemone: just looking at this one sends chills down my spine.

8cd5958801c30383eaf838f3bedc1305_ 037whitish fly

Of course Laura does non-scary work too. Her interiors are phenomenal; check them out here. And stay tuned for lots more Halloween goodness (badness?) coming up soon!

All images courtesy of Laura Fulmine


7 Responses to “Stylist (Blood)Lust: Laura Fulmine”

  1. Rachel Says:

    So fun! I think that last one is my favorite too.

  2. Courtney Says:

    Oooh, these spooky vignettes are perfect for Halloween- the last one especially (the bones-ooohhh!)

  3. Sara Says:

    I love the little display things. They are like mini-worlds on their own. Like the last one and its deserted greek ruin feel!

  4. Julia Says:

    I love terrariums too — these are so interesting and eerie!

  5. Julia Says:

    I love terrariums too — these are so interesting and eerie!

  6. Georgia Says:

    i love these!
    may i steal one pic for an upcoming post that the pic would be perfect for?
    (of course you will get all the credit for finding them)

  7. Velvet and Linen Says:

    Fantastic artwork.
    Creepy but beautiful at the same time.

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