Inspiration Board: Pop Pink Glamour


As promised, here's another pink inspiration board. There's no subtlety here; it's all about the bright, fun, playful, over-the-top side of pink. If last Friday's pink board was the dreamy, romantic baby sister, then
this is the attention seeking 'look at me' middle sister!

I wonder what the big sister would look like…?

Row One: Dan Magree, Corrie Bond, Source Unknown, Point Click Home
Row Two: Domino via Decorology Photostream, Source Unknown, A View To, Chris Everard
Row Three: Sandra Lane, Gentl and Hyers, Dan Magree, Polly Wreford
Row Four: The Rug Company via Belle Maison, Point Click Home, Paul Costello, Amy Atlas


9 Responses to “Inspiration Board: Pop Pink Glamour”

  1. kate s Says:

    while in both cases the idea is clearly portrayed and the photos are delicious, i find the first one to be more cohesive in how its visually read. The second is more innovative, but i feel it could be arranged so it holds more flow. either way, great job!
    ps will there be an older sister?

  2. Kimberlee Says:

    Love it! (I have that Paul Costello image saved in file, its fantastic!)
    ps – having major issues with layout page on blogger so you aren’t on blog roll yet, but as soon as i’m sorted, its there! xx

  3. Georgia Says:

    why, hot pink never looked so good!
    can’t wait to see big sis!

  4. Chris Says:

    Ooh, I love this board! Hot pink is rockin’!

  5. Jen Says:

    So I should probably tell you how awesome your board is and such…but really you already know that. So I am going to tell you a story instead. It is about a young girl who wore nothing but pink…pink sweats, pink t-shirt, pink shoes, and even a pink jacket. NOw on some girls this would look adorable, but this girl just happened to be 5’10 and 175 lbs. in the 5th grade…with a poodle perm..oh, and she had no front tooth due to a crazy accident during a game of “freeze tag”. So yes, while the girl loved pink…pink did not love her so much.
    PS-That girl was me.

  6. Peonies and Polaroids Says:

    I love it, so much fun. I hope there is going to be a big sister?!

  7. The City Sage Says:

    Kate- Jeez baby sis. Tell me what you really think! As usual though, I defer to your superior aesthetic eye.
    Kimberlee- Isn’t Paul Costello a fun photographer? There’s so much life and joy in his work.
    Georgia- Who knew hot pink could have a life outside the ’80s?!
    Chris- Rockin’ is the perfect word for this, I agree! I think it’s the big pink bubble gum bubble that’s the clincher. P.S. Do you have any hot pink shoes? 🙂
    Jen- If we had been in elementary school together, I guarantee we would have been the two girls who planned their outfits on the phone the night before, and came to school dressed identically. In the 8th grade when all the other kids were wearing their grunge plaid and ripped bell bottoms, I was still wearing leggings with puff paint shirts and coordinating socks and scrunchies…and getting teased mercilessly, I can assure you.
    Peony- There IS going to be a big sister. I’m still thinking about what she’ll look like. As a big sister myself, I think there has to be a bit of type A perfectionism in there somewhere 🙂

  8. April Says:

    I love this post. It totally inspired me to bring in bright pink accents into my dining room.

  9. 180/360 Says:

    I love these inspiration board posts! You have fantastic taste.

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