Leave It To the French…


What is it about les francaises and their gamine ability…


…to make even pleated shorts and a sailor shirt this chic…


…to pull off ensembles that the rest of us can't even wear in our dreams…


…to look exquisite in clothing that would just look schlumpy on anyone else (namely me)…


…to project an air of casual, unstudied chic at all times?


More proof of French aesthetic superiority on the fabulous Flickr photostream of Anne-So. She creates the images I wish I could create. And even if you can't read French, you can admire the eye-candy on her blog, Cachemire et Soie. With thanks to Simple Song for the find.


4 Responses to “Leave It To the French…”

  1. jora Says:

    I am certain there is a “French gene” which makes women extra chic and extra thin. 🙂

  2. Georgia Says:

    Hi, Anne.
    I feel like it has been forever since I have been in the blogoshpere!
    I like these photos a lot! I know what you mean—I so wish I could take beautiful photos that create this kind of mood. I admire people who can. Thanks for the link.

  3. Courtney Says:

    Pleated shorts and sailor shirt. On her? So chic. On me? It would look like a sad attempt at a Halloween costume! Seriously. Those women have a gene I’m sure I don’t possess.

  4. The City Sage Says:

    Jora—yes, this gene for sure exists. It definitely gives French women the ability to digest superhuman quantities of runny cheese and red wine and never gain an ounce.
    Georgia–Thanks as usual for stopping by! And yes, I don’t know what type of camera she’s using or how she does it, but my photos never look NEARLY this moody and profound.
    Courtney–I made the mistake of trying on a sailor shirt recently at the French store A.P.C. Let’s just say that the only accessory missing was a novelty oversized lollipop!

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