Project: Rough and Romantic Centerpiece


I just found this spectacular centerpiece project on the Southern Accents website, of all places! I love the combination of raw textures with soft, pink and grey hues. And I really love that it doesn't require a vase of any kind; sometimes it seems like the floral container detracts from the flowers themselves.


The website features a really detailed step-by-step for the arrangement–which the frequently frustrated amateur florist in me appreciates! I could even see scaling this project back and doing a smaller version on the console table in my entryway. 


The project is from this book by London flower artist Jane Packer–and if the rest of the ideas are this lovely and clearly explained, I might have to track down a copy. Is it too early to start practicing my florals for Thanksgiving?


One Response to “Project: Rough and Romantic Centerpiece”

  1. The City Sage Says:

    Hey Kristina- thanks for stopping by, even though you must be SUPER busy with wedding and honeymoon planning right now. And yes, isn’t that final photo incredible! It’s what really drew me to the arrangement…all the rough textured linen and vintage silver is so glam and organic at the same time!

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