Photographer Lust: Paul Massey


your eyes on these interiors from British photographer Paul Massey. His
photos have such an air of weathered sophistication and timeworn
elegance—a look that I'm obsessed with right now, in case you hadn't
noticed! But wouldn't your output and efficiency quadruple if you had an office like the one below?


Waking up would be a lot easier with the sun shining through that window in that bedroom! Of course actually getting out of that
bed would be a lot harder. Isn't it so loungeworthy? And I feel like it
would inspire me to wear only really pretty nightclothes…no more of
the flannel numbers that I 'borrowed' from my grandmother.


arrangement above this mantle is both haphazard (the positioning, the
unframed paintings) and precise (the color palette, the consistent flea
market feel). I've never seen that style of light fixture installed in
this manner, but I have to say I'm really liking it. And the color on
the walls? Dreamy!


Lately I adore kitchens with rustic white cabinets and dark wood counters. Yesterday Holly at Decor8 shared her kitchen re-do and it features this exact combination of colors and materials. Be sure to check it out—she did a phenomenal job (natch)!


I won't even try to put words to this one.

Bedroom dining room
And finally, if wanting an oversized novelty desk lamp is wrong, then I don't want to be right…

Novelty desk lamp

All images courtesy of Paul Massey.


7 Responses to “Photographer Lust: Paul Massey”

  1. Rachel Says:

    The perfect cool light in these photos just makes me want to fall into them! I’m sure my life would be more peaceful with those surroundings.

  2. savvymode sg Says:

    i love the red floral arrangement.

  3. robin pulsifer Says:

    hi! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving great comments and feedback. i love your layout and your posts, this photographer i will definitely check out. i’ll be back for sure! have a great day……

  4. The City Sage Says:

    Rachel–yes, the light in these photos is spectacular. I especially love how even though there’s not a window in every shot, there’s always the implication that one is just out of view…
    Savvy Mode- thanks for stopping by! And I’m in total agreement about the red flowers- they’re so unexpected yet they fit right in!
    Robin–Thanks to you for visiting! Avant-Garde is one of my fave daily reads for inspiration. You have a great day too, and see you soon!

  5. Jen Says:

    I love the dining room chairs in the lower picture. I am taking pictures of the bathroom today. I am totally inspired to start!

  6. The City Sage Says:

    Jen—yes, I’m ALL ABOUT those chairs. I feel like you could recreate that look easily with flea market finds—and given the mad skills for faux finishing you’ve displayed, I’ll bet it would look AWESOME!
    I have a set of dining chairs that I just might try the same thing with…

  7. April Says:

    Your blog is beautiful!

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