Shopping Trip: Glamorganic


As promised, here's a shopping trip inspired by my recent post on Glamorganic. This was a tough one; there's so much gorgeous stuff out there! But I'm really excited to share what I've found. (Above image: Shootfactory UK)

In the sitting room:


Get cozy by the fire in a rugged armchair, and prop up tired feet on an ottoman made from reclaimed truck tarps. Be sure to use a coaster on these mirrored campaign-style tables, and finish the look with antique brass lanterns and an intricate carved mirror. (Above image: Shootfactory UK)


In the dining room:


Bring al fresco dining indoors with a raw wood table and faded fretwork chair. Glass cloche terrariums and vintage linens keep things earthy, while a crystal beaded chandelier lends a touch of posh polish. (Above image: Elle Decor, October 2008)

In the living room:


A formal parlour relaxes under the influence of an unbleached burlap chaise and rough-hewn coffee table. Serene touches like organic cotton throws and smooth grained candle sticks soften the space even more, and black metal trim makes a glass pendant look forged from the earth. (Above image: Marie Claire Maison via Decorology's Flickr Photostream)


In the bedroom:


Crawl under the covers of a delicate wrought iron bed; a cheval mirror framed in grove roots keeps the room from getting too frou-frou. Hand-dyed velvet pillows are perfect for burrowing into, a classic pedestal table is reinvented in time-worn limed ash, and a bedside lamp of angled bronze imparts a golden glow. (Above image: Shootfactory UK)


So, did I miss anything? What would you add or take away? I'd love to know your fave Glamorganic finds!


2 Responses to “Shopping Trip: Glamorganic”

  1. Georgia Says:

    i have to say, i have very little if any of the glam-organic in my house, but that is mostly because it’s too much for my husband’s taste. i, on the other hand, LOVE IT! my house would be full of it, if i could!
    to me, all Anthro interiors are the epitome of glam-organic. and Anthro is one of my favorite stores! all of the pics in this post remind me of Anthro photo shoot sets.
    by the way, the drawer pull in my bathroom post is from Antrho. they have the best selection of drawer pulls all the time that is always changing.
    i don’t think you missed anything. you covered it pretty well! i especially love the terrariums and the iron bed! gorgeous!

  2. The City Sage Says:

    Georgia–I KNOW! I would just take up residence in an Anthro catalogue if I could! I especially adore all the little knick knacks they have…it’s like an organized flea market experience, with fun little discoveries waiting around each corner!
    There’s just something so dreamy and romantic about everything they do…

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