Get the Look: Shopping for Modern Organic


I spent most of the weekend daydreaming about my favourite interiors from Friday’s post on Modern Organic—so I thought today I’d do a web hunt for the best pieces to recreate the look.


With lots of simple, straightforward lines and natural materials, Ikea is a great place to start. The Nandor chair (above) has a terrific handmade charm to it—love that woven seat and back—but the ergonomic shape and metal legs keep things from getting too ‘granny’s wicker porch set’. I also love Ikea for kids’ furniture. A soft, cozy sheepskin rug perfectly offsets the graphic appeal of the Gulliver crib and the Norrebo shelf.

Z Gallerie is often touch-and-go (it can be a bit over-the-top glam) but I like them for small items like occasional tables (below are Slab, Aspen, and Barringer).
And Z Gallerie is also an inexpensive resource for small decor items like mirrors, lamps, and frames. I adore the Mother of Pearl frames in the center, and don’t you love these Ventana and Carrara frames made from naturally shed horn? A great way to inject a little bit of drama!


Viva Terra is an obvious go-to for the "organic" part of Modern Organic. They can often veer towards the crunchy granola end of the spectrum, but they have some real winners as well. The railroad tie dining set and coffee table have been on my lust list for quite a while, and the recycled blown glass vases brings a dose of spare elegance to any interior. 


Crate and Barrel offers such a wide range of styles that you really could create any look from their vast inventory. Some recent favourites include the Ross sofa—fresh and contemporary but not boxy and stiff, and I love the linen upholstery!—and the Plank table lamp from sister store CB2 is a bargain at only $49! 


And finally, what would a shopping list be without a dream item like these iconic pendant lamps from designer David Trubridge. Inspired by ice formations in Antarctica, they’re the picture of ‘nature meets modern design’.


What do you think of my selection? Anything I missed? What would you add? Let me know! Let’s go shopping together!


Image Credits: First interior Gentl and Hyers, final interior Sam Moiler.


4 Responses to “Get the Look: Shopping for Modern Organic”

  1. Jen Says:

    So pretty! However, I did notice a serious lack of magenta carpet.

  2. Georgia Says:

    those pendant lamps are amazing!
    if i could, i would have an entire house full of pendant lamps—really cool ones like these. and not just one per room. i love them! i’ve blogged about a few. i just got a vintage one from my twin for my birthday. i will have to blog about it when i take a picture.
    great finds in this post!

  3. Chris Says:

    I love this stuff, especially the chairs and the pendant lamps. Gorgeous!

  4. The City Sage Says:

    Jen—surprisingly, when I was pulling photos for this post I was unable to find magenta carpet amongst my images. Strange, yes?
    Chris and Georgia–it’s ALL about the pendant lamps. I’m trying to convince a client that they’ll be perfect over his dining table…mostly as an excuse to shop vicariously through him! 🙂

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