Yes Virginia, There Is Modern Organic (I Think!)


I’ve been exchanging some fun and thought-provoking emails with fellow blogger Jen from ‘Raising Granola‘ (she’s an absolute delight and hilarious, too…you’ve got to check out her blog!) We’re working together to give much-needed love to the gorgeous but neglected old home she recently purchased (more on that later). When I asked Jen to describe her style, she said "Modern organic," and then she immediately wondered, "Is there such a style?" 


A really good question! I think there is such a style, but I also think the term means different things to different people. From my email reply to Jen, here’s my take on ‘modern organic’:

"For me it’s about clean, unfussy lines…


…a focus on neutral ‘from the
earth’ colors…


…creating interest through lots of great texture…


using materials in their natural (or near natural) state.


Modern in spirit but never cold or harsh—always warm and inviting.


What do you think? Is ‘modern organic’ a style? If yes, then what does it mean to you?

Image Credits: 1. Ditte Isager, 2. David Prince, 3. Liselotte’s Flickr photostream via Decor Amor, 4. Ellen Silverman, 5. Sam Moiler, 6. House Beautiful, 7. S. Russell Groves


3 Responses to “Yes Virginia, There Is Modern Organic (I Think!)”

  1. Georgia Says:

    oh, most definitely it is a style!
    these pictures prove it!
    especially the picture on the right of the second set. (which is beautiful!)
    i agree—it’s about texture paired with clean simple lines.
    if i had to describe the living room of my last house, “Modern Organic” would have been a great description.
    it also means to me, using natural materials in a minimalist setting.
    don’t know if that makes sense, but that’s my take.

  2. jora Says:

    This is what I have always said is my style! Well, you described it MUCH better, but this is what I meant. 😉

  3. Georgia Says:

    that’s funny about your comment on my blog. i had just read it, and thought, “huh?”
    then right after that, i got your next comment.
    too funny.

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