Wedding Flashback: Welcome Boxes

Here’s a quick share on the welcome kits we assembled for our
out-of-town wedding guests. In the week leading up to the big day, things got
so frantic that I didn’t get a chance to post about them. But better
late than never, right?


We kept it pretty simple, with a mind towards being as eco-friendly as possible (which meant no plastic water bottles, for example). I ordered recycled kraft paper boxes and biodegradable cellophane bags from a terrific online resource called Nashville Wraps—their site is really worth checking out if you do any kind of mass baking around the holidays! A trip to Costco yielded lots of tasty snacks in bulk, and I supplemented those with my own skills in the kitchen. The key was to have a mix of sweet things for fun and healthier foods for quick energy fixes. In the end we included

  • Oatmeal cookies (I used my own foolproof recipe.)
  • Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (I took a risk on this recipe from Cookie Madness and was thrilled with the results.)
  • Redvines (my favourite licorice and for some reason only available on the west coast…)
  • Gummi Bears (perfect for satisfying a post-ceremony sweet tooth!)
  • Pistachios (you could always tell where in the hotel our guests were staying because they inadvertently left trails of pistachio shells everywhere…)
  • Fruit and nut trail mix (Costco has this one that features dried strawberries—yum!)
  • Altoids (because you never know when you’ll encounter a close-talking in-law.)
  • A booklet of maps, phone numbers, and itineraries for the weekend ahead


Because I was on the lookout for every opportunity to include the poppy motif my sister designed for us—the invitations were just the beginning!—we printed the artwork on Avery sticker labels which we then used to seal the cellophane bags and label the boxes. The front desk at the Handlery Hotel (the only place to stay in San Francisco as far as I’m concerned!) was kind enough to provide every guest with a box upon check-in, and we brought extras to the the rehearsal dinner for the few folks not booked at the Handlery.   


Assemling the boxes was a big task but so much fun! It helped that my civil engineer of a father-in-law has professional experience in large-scale construction projects such as this one đŸ™‚ And I was surprised at how many guests told us that the snacks were the exact pick-me-up they needed after traveling so far. Plus as the hostess du jour I loved the chance to let my guests know right from the start that we appreciated their presence and participation at our most special day!


One Response to “Wedding Flashback: Welcome Boxes”

  1. perfect bound Says:

    We had similar boxes for our our of town guests. They didn’t held up as well as I thought they would. Funny, I recruited a circle of family members to help me assemble as well. It was a chaotic but lovely memory of my father and mother wrapping soft pretzels and putting stickers on biscotti at 2 AM just days before the wedding. P.S. A HUGE congrats. i am reading every one of your wedding posts right now.

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