Expect the Unexpected

Yesterday, reader Brent left the most wonderful response to my query about that exuberant turtle fabric.
"The unexpected," he said, "is the height of fashion!" Not only does
his comment possess a pithiness worthy of Bartlett’s, it’s also spot-on
accurate. So with thanks to Brent for the inspiration, I’ve assembled a
little homage to the unexpected…


Furs on the floor and an ancient wood stove set a mood of rustic grandeur in this stone-walled retreat from photographer Christina Wilson. But that molded chair with its vivid raspberry hue creates a look that’s more mid-century than medieval!


Who says you have to fill your frames? Celebrate their graphic simplicity instead. In this photo from Joanna Henderson, frames become art unto themselves.


In a kitchen stacked to the ceiling with pinks, purples, yellows and
oranges, a bare pendant bulb and its spare white shade become a study
in spartan elegance. Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Living September


Sleek white linens and slick black floors make this comic strip cabinet even more striking—not that it needed the help! Image courtesy of Elle Decor UK September 2008.


Leopard print velvet on antique 18th-century settees? Sure, why not?
After all, these benches in the home of San Francisco designer Steven
Volpe were salvaged from a French convent—and who knows what those
nuns might be wearing under their habits! Image courtesy of San Francisco Style by Diane Dorrans Saeks.


Finally, turning the spines of your books inwards is a perfect way
to guarantee a monochromatic library. Sure it might not be conducive to
browsing, but doesn’t it look both beautiful and surprising? And when courting the unexpected, ‘beautiful and surprising’ is about as good as it gets…Image courtesy of San Francisco Style.


2 Responses to “Expect the Unexpected”

  1. Brandi Schaefer Says:

    Love, love, love the beautiful pictures! I found you through “The Martha Blog” and so glad i did. Feel free to visit me as well…

  2. Sara Bradshaw Says:

    Hi from London,
    Also found you on the Martha blog. I love your blog it’s great.
    I’m at http://www.cricketfamily.blogspot.com,

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