Sweet and Simple Wedding Guestbook*

One aspect of the wedding that surprised me was how much I loved seeing all my family and friends having so much fun together in once place. I know that shouldn’t have surprised me, but leading up to the wedding I was so wrapped up in details like the dress, the decor, the stationery, and the food, that I didn’t anticipate how valuable the "people" part of it would feel.

Which is why my guestbook is quickly becoming one of my most treasured items. We kept it really simple: just an elegant linen photo album with blank pages on the inside…


…and then we pasted photos of the groom and me (some of just us, some with family too) onto each page along with an empty envelope. Guests were then provided with paper and pens and encouraged to write a message that they then tucked into the envelopes.

It was a fun project that got everyone involved- picking out photos, doing the assembly. Of course I couldn’t have done it without my stalwart Maid of Honour Jessica (aka my MOHzilla!). She directed the troops in getting the whole thing together. Jess was totally was indispensable…not to mention gorgeous!


My one piece of advice about the guestbook is be sure to get the word out about it at the reception—perhaps as you and the groom circulate to all the tables, ask everyone to please sign it. We didn’t do this, and about half the guests didn’t even know it existed. And I can’t exactly go chasing them down with a pen and paper after the fact, now can I? (Can I?)

*As an aside, the original plan for the guestbook was to have an antique typewriter set up so that guests could type their messages. But the "guaranteed to work" typewriter I bought on eBay was completely non-functional. And in retrospect this plan would have caused more trouble than it was worth. So there’s two more wedding lessons: keep things simple, and be flexible if things don’t go as expected at the last minute. But at least now I have a nifty antique typewriter to display on my bookshelf!



6 Responses to “Sweet and Simple Wedding Guestbook*”

  1. Star Says:

    I have that same typewriter in green.

  2. The City Sage Says:

    No Kidding! Does yours work? Where’d you find it? Have you ever tried to put new ribbon in it? Mine is such a mystery to me…I’d love to get it working. Such a great machine!
    Thanks for stopping by, Star!

  3. Mussy Wells Says:

    I’m officially famous! It was my pleasure and I’m thrilled that you and Si like the results.

  4. star Says:

    Yes, it works. I got it on e-bay. I haven’t had to buy a ribbon for it because the one it came with still has life in it.
    In what way is yours broken?

  5. The City Sage Says:

    For some reason it won’t advance when you type—so it just types the letters on top of each other. I’m not even sure if I have life left in my ribbon because I can only type through the same spot, which is now totally dry.
    The hubster’s been tinkering with it to get it to work but it’s an ongoing process.
    When do I get to meet you in person, BTW? I’ve heard so much (good stuff) about you that I can’t wait!

  6. Luphia Says:

    is that you with hubby in the first 2 photos? you two look so sweet together. love your typewriter, shame it doesn’t work, still a great display though, was it expensive?

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