Belgian Linen: Even Better than Belgian Waffles

I’m a total sucker for anything linen. There’s just something so attractive about a fabric that looks its best when wrinkled. Linen fosters a homey and easygoing vibe that’s still so refined and ‘in the know’ when it comes to style—sort of like a French woman who puts seemingly no effort into her appearance but manages to look more and more beautiful with each passing day.

On my last wistful trip to ABC Carpet and Home I discovered a Belgian linen company called Libeco Home. Fortunately for me, they have an extensive online retail outpost, so I can get my European linen fix from anywhere with a wireless connection. Isn’t technology wonderful? 

These pillows in their Napoli Vintage collection were the first to catch my eye. It’s hard to tell from this photo, but the colors and weave have the same worn-in appeal as your favourite pair of jeans. I’d throw a bunch on my couch and settle in for a nap.

The Basics Collection is actually a dangerous proposition. These fine-weave sheets and pillow cases are so soft and luxurious that you might never leave bed…
I couldn’t resist this photo of the Leon Floor Cushion. How adorable is that little guy? So relaxed and lounge-y, comfortable and carefree. Yet still a gorgeous addition to any family…and the kid is pretty cute too…
I’m not usually into patterned linens, but these Rivedoux pillow cases have such a spare, homespun simplicity about them. They would make any bedroom seem like a sunbleached artist’s loft in Bruxelles. 
Of course what’s a linen company without a proper selection of tableclothes? And Libeco doesn’t disappoint. This French Country runner an napkins makes me want to run to the market for a crusty baguette and a jar of apricot preserves.


Host a Sunday brunch for the girls and set the table with these Cornelia towels. Pink striped trim goes perfectly with mimosas and whipped-cream pain doré!
And finally, these Hamilton pyjamas are designed for men, but I’d wear them anyway. They’re perfect for lounging in bed with a steaming hot latte and the Times Sunday Magazine…Okay, who am I kidding? Forget the Times and pass me a copy of Us Weekly! 
All images courtesy of Libeco Home.

2 Responses to “Belgian Linen: Even Better than Belgian Waffles”

  1. Katy Says:

    Great picks. I love everything!

  2. Rich Schieferdecker Says:

    Didriks in Cambridge, MA – – sells the complete line of Libeco Home Belgian Linen in the US. You can buy the finished pieces, buy the fabric by the yard and even buy the swatch cards to help in making decisions on color.

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