Eagle Has Landed: Now Down to Business

I did it! Three days, three thousand miles, sixteen Diet Pepsis, countless bathroom breaks and one exploded bag of Frito’s later, I’ve completed my drive across the country and have arrived at my new home in California. I’ve washed away the travel grime with a nice hot shower, but with the wedding only twelve days away it’s time for the last minute plans to be made in earnest!

Thursday night before leaving Brooklyn I ordered the candy for the all-white candy buffet at the reception. I may have gone a bit overboard—there will be a pound of candy per guest—but who knew there were so many yummy treats to choose from?

I got the standard jordan almonds

…plus these Dutch mints (peppermint covered in dark chocolate with a white candy shell) sounded divine…

white chocolate covered cashews will be to-die-for…

…and this picture looks odd, but what’s not to love about white chocolate-covered cherries?


Cookies and cream malt balls? Yes please!

Cappuccino cordials promise a "liquid center" of syrupy mocha goodness…

…and finally I really wanted to get M&M’s printed with the motif my sister designed for all our stationery…

but the cost just wasn’t worth the payoff—plus I was worried it would look like the candies had a weird growth on them. So in the end I just bought 10 pounds of cream and white M&M’s and called it a night!

Next up? Apothecary jars…but that’s for another post so stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Eagle Has Landed: Now Down to Business”

  1. Mussy Says:

    I missed chocolate covered malt balls?!?!? How could this have happened? With all the activity of the wedding (and of course getting my drink/ smooch on) I missed out on the candy table festivities 😦 ah well…can’t win ’em all.

  2. The City Sage Says:

    No matter—-they probably were all tainted with nuts anyway.
    And if its any consolation I didn’t get any candy either…

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